Live, work, relax. We accept diversity,
Space that causes originality

"SHIBUYA CAST." (SHIBUYA CAST.) which various creativity gathers, and causes new idea and business. It becomes base of creative activity that we serve as a variety of uses and prepared.
While a variety of elements (shape, function, material) of space express each individuality in design concept by harmony of Echoes of Uniqueness [ekozuobuyunikunesu]/unevenness, we sympathize, and building weaves big picture with unity.
In all 17 floors, store group coloring SPACE and daily life that we can utilize at lease house deepening communication between share office & cafe and residents creating interchange, cooperation of creator, office supporting accumulation of creative industry, various events is prepared. In addition, we make GARDEN among green showing different expression by the four seasons and provide turnout and oasis.

The details of floor are this

About "SHIBUYA CAST." name, logo mark

Cast (British): Cat Street: to throw which pours (eyes) to assign the cast, position to (by light) Name as block contacts

People with a great variety of ability (intellect) gather, and this ground which is node connecting Shibuya and Harajuku, Aoyama loads with will to attract attention as place bringing about new things. In logo mark, we expressed unique "creators = CAST" which gathered in this place by mixture of style of handwriting that was overuse and expressed role as "stage" which provided place of communication to them with frame which surrounded logotype.

Background HISTORY

Miyashita-cho area where Shibuya, Aoyama, culture of Harajuku mix

SHIBUYA CAST. is ruins business of metropolitan house "Miyashita-cho apartment" of Shibuya-ku in "city reproduction step-up project" that Tokyo hosts. As project to redevelop Shibuya, Aoyama, join of Harajuku, 5,020 square meters of land, we aim at attractive improvement of the whole district.

History of Miyashitamachi, Shibuya

Receiving a prize career AWARD

Past receiving a prize title of SHIBUYA CAST.



Facility summary

The location
1-23-21, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Ground Area
5, 020.09㎡
Construction area
About 2,550㎡
Floor Area
About 35,000㎡
  • [subterranean part] Steel reinforced concrete construction, steel frame steel reinforced concrete construction
  • [above ground part] Steel-frame building
16 stories above the ground and 2 stories underground
About 71m
Business owner
Miyashitamachi, Shibuya riaruti
(investor: Tokyu, TAISEI Co., Ltd., Sapporo real-estate development, TOKYU CONSTRUCTION Co., Ltd.)
Nihonsekkei Inc., TAISEI Co., Ltd. first class authorized architect office joint venture
Completion, TOKYU CONSTRUCTION joint venture
The design supervision person concerned
  • [design direction]
    ・Plan, casting: Sowing seeds in spring project (Haruaki TANAKA), Tone&Matter (Iku Hirose)
    ・Design cord, CMF: FEEL GOOD CREATION (Miyuki Tamai)
  • [facade landscape] noiz (Keisuke Toyota, Tomoyasu Ono)
  • [the penetration passage, the GARDEN ground] Trough building drawing office (hairlessness Shinya)
  • [co-lab]
    ・Design POINT (Tsutomu Nagaoka, Naoki Kato)
    ・Construction TANK (Yuki Shibata)
  • [collective house] Naruse, Inokuma architecture drawing office (Yuri Naruse, Inokuma pure Misato Honda)
  • -More than - - -, we cast: Sowing seeds in spring project - - - -

  • [1F GARDEN space direction] raizomatikusu (Keisuke Arikuni)
  • [the Åre design supervision] Kazuhiko Miyazawa architecture drawing office (Kazuhiko Miyazawa)
  • [signature design] Japanese Design Center-colored part design laboratory (Yoshiaki Irobe)
April 28, 2017