New way of working to launch idea and business that CAMPING OFFICE SHIBUYA is new in induction ShibuyaNew way of working to launch idea and business that CAMPING OFFICE SHIBUYA is new in induction Shibuya


SHIBUYA CAST. is town "Shibuya" where various culture and business cross
As place that many people with creative mind live, and relaxes work
In addition, as place creating opportunity producing new idea and business
We opened in the spring of 2017

Having made our thought form in GARDEN which was full of green of SHIBUYA CAST.

"CAMPING OFFICE SHIBUYA," We suggest the way of new meeting like Shibuya.
"We want to make usual meeting meeting with originality"
"We want to bring about creative idea"
"We want to raise quality of relationship between members"
Not only we change environment to all of you with such a trouble, but also
As for new Brest work, the ice break technique,
We suggest method to be able to use for meeting like Shibuya together.


With camping office

As if, with camping office, we camp in circle advocated by Snow Peak business solutions,
People commune with people and can exchange opinion impartially, and wakuwaku is working office environment and space like human being.
Service to rent camping office by unit in "CAMPING OFFICE SHIBUYA" at time
We will carry out in SHIBUYA CAST. garden.
 In addition, Tokyu and Snow Peak business solutions will provide this service.

  • Tokyu
  • snow peak


SHIBUYA CAST. garden (GARDEN in front of the SHIBUYA CAST. building)
1-23-21, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
◇> Access
From train/Shibuya Station Exit B1 a 1-minute walk

Service introduction

◇Use possibility period:
Every Tuesday ① 10:00-12:00, ② 13:00-15:00, ③ 16:00-18:00
※Extension by 30 minutes before and after the period mentioned above is possible
◇Type of tent:
Land rock set (... 12) or lounge shell set (... eight)
Each period 9,000 yen (tax-excluded) (regardless of type of tent)
Opening special price 8,000 yen (tax-excluded)
◇Extension rate:
1,500 yen (tax-excluded) per 30 minutes (regardless of type of tent) ※We drink by 30 minutes before and after each period, and extension is possible
Whiteboard (free), the power supply stands (free), projector (pay:) tax-excluded 1,000 yen ()
◇The settlement method:
Prior credit card payment
Please see FAQ
Enquiries >>

Usage flow

Usage flow


※Use rule (PDF)

Service introduction

Rental tool

Type of tent

  • Land rock set (to 12 taking a seat-style)
    Land rock set
    (to 12 taking a seat-style)
    Meeting in sitting-style can sense environment near everyday meeting room bodily while being outdoor. It is recommended to person doing person experiencing camping office for the first time and PC work.
    (12 seats of FD chairs, single motion table long three)
  • Lounge shell set (to eight room-style)
    Lounge shell set
    (to eight room-style)
    Meeting in room-style creates a feeling of wakuwaku such as totally secret base and just surrounds round table, and unusual communication is born. It is most suitable for communication activation in team, the breast stroke of plan idea.
    (lounge shell, lounge iron grill table set, floor mat, lounge cushion eight)

Other services

  • Whiteboard (large small/free of charge)White board
    (large small/free of charge)
  • The power supply stands (free)The power supply stands
  • Projector 1,000 yen (tax-excluded)Projector
    1,000 yen (tax-excluded)
  • There is free wifiThere is free wifiThere is free wifi

In use

◇Eating and drinking at the time of use of camping office eating and drinking store (some catering service yu) in SHIBUYA CAST.,
Please utilize small supermarket (Tokyu Store Chain foods station), kitchen car (only in lunch).
◇As camping office may include strong wind, Nikko, heat, cold, the noise to carry out outdoors,
Please use on understanding. In addition, as, in the case of bad weather, we may not use,
Thank you for your understanding. (the details, please identify use rule)

  • Cafe (catering service)

  • Kitchen car (only in lunch)


Q. About the number of participants
As for land rock set, receptionist is available for up to 12 people, lounge shell set to up to eight people.
Q. About time of prior application
Application will start acceptance from last month 1 on use day. Apply within five days before use day. In addition, please consult about subsequent application directly.
Q. About handling of extension
When the use that is is hoped for at acceptable use policy time, you extend beforehand and use, and please apply. In addition, extension of use time on that day may be possible, too. On the day please order to the venue staff. (extension receptionist may not do it by status. Sorry, thank you for your understanding)
Q. Both want to use land rock set and lounge shell set. In addition, when we want to use consecutively more than 2 periods?
We become one set of receptionist about one application. When use is hoped for together, apply for two sets each in the time. In addition, apply by 1 period when you wish to use continuations 2 periods or more. We can have you use share in free of charge for one hour in interval of that case.
Q. About correspondence at the time of at the time of rainy weather and bad weather and correspondence at the time of weather sudden change on that day
It is available in rainy day. When stormy weather is expected and assumes cancellation by venue convenience, we contact applicant by the day before from 4 days before principle. In addition, when on the day the venue staff judges to be dangerous by sudden stormy weather, we do with venue convenience cancellation and will refund fee for use, extension charges and option charges (the projector fee for use).
Q. About substitute presence
When it becomes cancellation caused by stormy weather, we do not arrange substitute day. You can reuse, and apply on day.
Q. About handling of cancellation
Cancellation until five days before use is free. Subsequent cancellation, please bear 100% of rates as cancellation fee. In addition, we become receptionist only by email about cancellation.
Q. About payment method
Payment becomes only the prior credit settlement. As you will reply, please pay email that listed the settlement URL after the application decision than that URL.
Q. Does carry-on include limit?
Carry-on is possible about equipment except rental product. Please report beforehand. About prohibited article, please see use terms.
Q. About handling and catering service of eating and drinking (drinking)
Eating and drinking in tent and drinking are possible. In addition, we do catering service to tent if cafe in SHIBUYA CAST. can order. In addition, on the day please pay in the field.
Q. About handling of fire
In SHIBUYA CAST. site and the tent will prohibit carry-on of dangerous materials and use of naked light.
Q. About the construction of tent
We will establish tent having you use in the venue staff.
Q. About having power supply and wi-fi or not
Power supply will rent the power supply stands by hope in tent. Please apply at the time of application. wi-fi has available FREEwi-fi in GARDEN (four shares can be used). Please use freely.
Q. About specifications of projector (pay)
Projector of option product is available for microSD card, HDMI, USB, dual band wi-fi, input in Bluetooth.
Q. Is there air conditioning?
Air conditioner, heater is not in tent. Please give me etsu in clothes which fitted climate.
Q. About handling of garbage
We would appreciate your taking garbage which occurred by the use of tent home respectively.
Q. Will you issue receipt?
After the payment completion, please refer directly. We cope individually.
Q. About attachment and detachment of shoes
You take off shoes, and please use tent of camping office on the use.