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SHIBUYA CAST. Opening event

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On the date
From Friday, April 28, 2017 to Sunday, May 7 11:00-20:00
※We may be changed at time.
※We will tell about the details at any time in this WEB site.

We start opening event on the opening of business day for ten days!
From culture, art, music, various cut ends including meal, a variety of individuality and talent gather and tell about vigor of place where free atmosphere comes and goes.


◆"Design" more than categories gathers! SHIBUYA DESINERS MARKET

While both builder and buyer show each individuality without being spread in specific style, market to enjoy freedom comes up in GARDEN. As for nationality and the hobby taste as for the sense of values…Genre and taste, "designs" more than categories gather in the middle of Shibuya that a variety of people come and go. Select shop "rooms Ji-Ba" which featured the theme of Japan with H.P.France online select shop "CINRA.STORE" where "item to be able to buy only here" derived from culture news site "CINRA.NET" market site "iichi" which designer market "Pinkoi" largest in Asia that entered office of SHIBUYA CAST. and Japanese crafts, craft writers used "information to be able to read only here" was clogged up. Unit "Anonymous Cam" made with editing + ground to introduce indies culture of Tokyo to deals with curation of designer and holds new designer markets which there is nowhere of the world.

<on the date> From Friday, April 28 to 30th Sunday 12:00-20:00
May 3 Wednesday (holiday) - 5th Friday (holiday) 12:00-20:00
※Only on April 28 from 11:30 April 30 and May 5 until 18:00
Venue SHIBUYA CAST. garden
<participation writer> 
hanelca (cloth accessory), emamima (leather, accessories), Canako Inoue (clothes),
JOURNEY (leather), meme printing (cloth accessory), U-dot (shoes),
NEWOLD STOCK by otogidezainzu (miscellaneous goods), hatter (hat) of knock,
Makers' Base Tokyo (workshop), Megumi Sekikawa (illustration), Abbott Okuya (illustration),
Kitamura Minami (illustration)
<cooperation>   Pinkoi, iichi, CINRA, rooms Ji-Ba, Anonymous Camp

◆We are attracted by mysterious tone! "Open Reel Ensemble LIVE"

Up-and-coming group "Open Reel Ensemble" which dealt with music of Paris Collection on Friday, April 28 on the opening of business day performs live performance to develop performance of tone that is strange in musical instrument with old reel-to-reel tape recorder. You touch reel and tape directly and play, and please expect for improvisation to assemble ensemble using sound and voice that we recorded in tape on the spot.

<on the date> Friday, April 28 19:00-20:00
Venue SHIBUYA CAST. penetration passage
<Open Reel Ensemble profile>
Group/project playing Ei Wada, Yu Yoshida, several old reel-to-reel tape recorders by Tadashi Yoshida as musical instrument. Mysterious tone and musical piece characteristics are appreciated and are in charge of music of Paris collection of ISSEY MIYAKE for 4 seasons. Evaluation to live performance is high, too and appears on SONAR (Barcelons Spain), ARS ELECTRONICA (Linz Austria) abroad.
Open Reel Ensemble official site
<cooperation>   onpa

◆J-WAVE(81.3FM) "AVALON" and collaboration. "SHIBUYA CAST." opening of business memory popularity radio program public collecting! It is opening event in "Shibuya" doing well on ... PREMIUM Friday! ...

We make popular radio program "AVALON" and collaboration of J-WAVE to feature to culture city "Shibuya" of world No. 1 and will carry out exhibition collecting. We greet familiar guest in the cause of Mayuko Kawakita navigation that is main navigator of program, the culture scene of Tokyo and heap up "Shibuya" full of PREMIUM Friday.

<on the date> Friday, April 28 16:00-16:50
<reception desk place> SHIBUYA CAST. garden (the neighborhood of entrance along Meiji-dori St.)
<main navigator> Mayuko Kawakita
<guest> Thelma Aoyama et al.

◆Talk session "- with facility design to perform and new value brought about from administration - there for meeting intellect of creative COMMUNITY"

Is it anything with value that we start that we make facility contributing to the creative in proposition and have share office and collective house, and SHIBUYA CAST. which role of local contribution facility carries brings about? Project that took new development method that plural creators related to share office (co-lab) which entered this facility collaborated with major developer and developed for meeting intellect. Thought practices new form of future building of Shibuya and way, share and COMMUNITY of city how or suggests advanced young architect and operator of new type to be engaged in designer, the new area management and administration of special use concerned with development to guest under the theme of "the wonder of casting".

<on the date> April 29 (soil, celebration) 18:00-19:30
Venue SHIBUYA CAST. garden penetration passage stairs
<person of going on the platform> 
Moderator: Open A Masataka Baba,
Architect: noiz architects Keisuke Toyota, raizomatikusu Saito spirit one, Naruse Inokuma architecture drawing office, POINT Tsutomu Nagaoka
Operator: co-lab Haruaki TANAKA, prsm Kensuke Fujishiro, company: Your Tokyu water mouth fathom
General design: We plan other people concerned including Nihonsekkei Takahiro Ichimaru (※ honorific title abbreviation)
URL   http://peatix.com/event/258137

◆Cooperation "STAGE" between SHIBUYA CAST. uses opening party/talk session

GARDEN and hall, share office, cafe, collective house cooperate by each use in facility and start activity in order to practice the new area management under the theme of making "place where people making Shibuya in future are cast as, and there is". We announce the contents in talk session format in party.

<on the date> Sunday, April 30 18:00-21:00
Venue SHIBUYA CAST. cafe "Åre" no charge for admission
URL   http://peatix.com/event/258140

◆We pay attention to digital art! Special bar "trip to train - to enjoy Flavour Journey Express by BOMBAY SAPPHIRE - flavor"

World No.1* Premium Gin "Bombay sapphire" featured the theme of "trip of flavor"
Opening special bar in "trip ... of train to enjoy Flavour Journey Express by BOMBAY SAPPHIRE - flavor" for a limited time. Bar decorated by digital art that "it touches and enjoys" by "CHAMPAGNE CLUB SANDWICH" led by Mr. Gabriel pore Lierre which dealt with NHL (the National Hockey League) which is North American four major professional sports leagues and the creative such as adidas appears in opening of SHIBUYA CAST. With atmosphere that went out on foreign trip by train, please enjoy digital art and "fragrant" Gin and Tonic (free) of Sinn. *The 2015 IWSR investigation
※Of minor person cannot enter.
※Please refrain from drinking of coming person by car.

<on the date> May 3 Wednesday (holiday) - Sunday, May 7 11:00-20:30
URL   Flavour Journey Express by BOMBAY SAPPHIRE official site

◆Up-and-coming brand ingredients! "Edo Tokyo vegetables X Cu-Cal Chefs" which tastes now of Edo Tokyo vegetables

We hold foods event that attracted "Edo Tokyo vegetables" and Tokyo ingredients attracting attention as traditional vegetables of Tokyo. We appear in SHIBUYA CAST. in order that producers and much-talked-about creative chefs protecting species which we spun work together from the Edo era and wake up new chemical reaction. We hold panel display and talk show to introduce blessing of Tokyo to.

<on the date> From Saturday, May 6 to 7th Sunday 11:00-18:00
Venue SHIBUYA CAST. garden

‐ Talk event ‐
Tama Hachioji Edo Tokyo vegetables society representative, Shuji Fukushima who knew everything about Edo Tokyo vegetables talks about the charm.
<on the date> Saturday, May 6, 7th Sunday 11:00/14:00/16:00 for each 30 minutes

◆Good shop comes over every day in rotation! Foods truck full of individuality opens a store in GARDEN

Today's, in GARDEN, unique kitchen car appears in "eat joy" where "Mr.Chicken" selling "aizerisuto" selling France dock including curry truck "J.S. CURRY" by bay cruise to transfer the head office head office to SHIBUYA CAST. and delicatessen feh "FRANZÈ& EVANS LONDON" from London and Singapore chicken rice sells Nagasaki Kakuni burger to.

<on the date> From Friday, April 28 to Sunday, May 7 11:00-20:00
Venue SHIBUYA CAST. garden
<branch tenant>
J.S. CURRY, FFRANZÈ& EVANS LONDON, aizerisuto, + h cafe, Mr.Chicken, Lasagna Italiana, GrillTokyo, SEEKERS, eat joy, es Tokyo, Caffe Latte, Why Juice?, Churrascaria Quebom!, POE key and ducky
※Each tenant comes up every day in rotation.

◆Adult is excited at kids, too! "Experience-based art workshop"

Artist who is young and spirited playing an active part in the world holds display and workshop which both adult and kids can enjoy.
Saki Chikaraishi, Nishihara ★Norio, Yusuke Iguchi (only as for the display), Yoko Shimizu (only as for the workshop)
※On the day we accept application to workshop in venue from 30 minutes before start.

‐ Workshop ‐
Saki Chikaraishi "knit imbejon in SHIBUYA CAST."
We knit tree or bench of SHIBUYA CAST. garden with knit and make pleasant scenery.
<on the date> May 4 Thursday (holiday) 11:00/16:00
<participation contents> Each time required 60 minutes/time capacity ten/free of charge

Nishihara ★Norio "workshop & parade which can make turnip rething"
The world changes "only in kaburu"! We make pleasant headdress with paper and tape.
<on the date> May 4 Thursday (holiday) 12:00-16:00
<participation contents> We can participate/at any time for 30 minutes in the time required and are free of charge/

The Yoko Shimizu "exploration in SHIBUYA CAST. as for the product with lenses of water"
We produce water lenses and experience the world that top and bottom, right and left, slant reversed.
<on the date> May 5 Friday (holiday) 13:00-15:00
<participation contents> Each time required 120 minutes/time capacity 15 (possible pro-one companion)/free of charge
<cooperation>   onpa

※On the date and time of event, contents may be changed.