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One character of Shibuya

It was finished

On the date
2020.1.13 (Mon) 11:00-17:00
★We announce - calligraphy live performance & election at 14:00 (it has been finished)

If you express now in one character, what kind of letter do you choose?

 ◆  Result announcement  ◆
45 votes of most votes

・Free intersection
・Every culture, race crosses
・The old and the new cross the times     etc.

Second "mixed", and (44 votes) was (43 votes) and great close battle "newly".
In addition, as town which lay that, and causes "∞", change and chemical reaction "8" of Hachi-ko "ka,"
He/she devised new letter, and votes like unique Shibuya more than 500 votes gathered!
Thank you for your vote!

Sponsor contacts present elected candidate individually.

Subject only in the point called "Shibuya."
Please think about both letter and reason for free idea simply because anyone is town, Shibuya who can do free relation only by oneself!
※Vote closed

■Vote method①
It is voted by "one character of Shibuya" vote form!

■Vote method②
We post one character and reason on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook with "one character of # Shibuya"!

The deadline: January 13, 2020 (celebration, month) 12:00
Announcement: January 13, 2020 (celebration, month) 14:00 ...

We announce letter which was chosen most by calligraphy live performance only by Shibuya!
In addition, we present ticket which is usable in SHIBUYA CAST. from person who voted by lot!
In the case of live performance, elected candidate puts together and announces and will inform from theater workshop.

It is one person for grand prize SHIBUYA CAST. kitchen car meal ticket 10,000 yen
One cup of supplementary prize Aré drink for free ticket           Three people
    "Ping Pong Cast." 1PLAY for free ticket        Three people

■Indian ink and writing brush person, Ryuto Kobayashi
 Calligraphy live performance only by Shibuya! (it has been finished)

[the date and time] January 13, 2020 (celebration, month) 14:00 ...
[place] SHIBUYA CAST. garden
[participation] Free
[delivery] SHIBUYA CAST. formula Instagram

We have Indian ink and writing brush person which is playing an active part in foreign countries widely, Ryuto Kobayashi write letter which was chosen most by live performance and will announce.
Ryuto Kobayashi Instagram is this

We are going to carry out behavior of amazake from 13:45.
Please give me zehihokkorishiniirashite.
※It will be finished as soon as it disappears