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Heaven Aristrist

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*By the situation such as weather, it may be called off in a hurry
SHIBUYA CAST. garden, the grand staircase
*We would like your "feeling" to Aristrist!

Performance with street performance "heaven Aristrist!"

Please enjoy live performance with street performance "heaven Aristrist" which Tokyo recognizes officially in SHIBUYA CAST.

★With "heaven Aristrist"★
Artist who passed examination committee which Tokyo carried out.
It is artist allowed registered public facilities and to perform performance in private facility.

As place that could touch art culture casually, SHIBUYA CAST. garden did activity place registration of "heaven Aristrist" this time.

**Activity schedule ** in SHIBUYA CAST.
Please confirm the following schedules.
※By the situation such as weather, it may be called off in a hurry.
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