EVENT event

**Announcement of * branch resumption ***
We reduce scale and reopen!

On the date
Weekdays 11:30-14:30
※We may be changed at time.
※Case to open a store by the held situation of event on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays
※We may open a store in path on the some Tokyu Store Chain side.

Good shop comes over every day in rotation!
Kitchen car full of individuality opens a store in GARDEN

From the viewpoint of prevention of extended infection of new coronavirus infectious disease, we were absent from store opening,
Reduce scale from Monday, June 15, and is up to two a day for wait line space security for the time being; branch
We will reopen.

[approach of new coronavirus extended prevention]
The staff takes measures such as thermometry, mask wearing, finger disinfection in front of branch against extended prevention.

I would like your cooperation on visit as follows.

*I would like mask wearing on visit.
 In addition, please refrain from visit of person who is poor in physical condition.
*I would like securing of distance with former person on row.
*I would like the use of non-contact payment as much as possible.
 Available payment method will post on each store store.
 In addition, we can have you confirm from HP.
*I would like delivery with tray.
 In products, payment, we do delivery with tray as much as possible.
*We do not install trash box.
 Of garbage buy to go, and I would like cooperation.

★★We are going to open a store★★
*By circumstances, it may be change of store or branch holiday.
 Thank you for your understanding.
*Even SHIBUYA CAST. official account of Instagram introduces kitchen car opening a store on the day!

7/6 Monday: es.tokyo/J.S.CURRY
7/7 Tuesday: Bear's CAMP Cafe/framing Nora
7/8 Wednesday: Daddy Gaya Deli/firebird restaurant
7/9 Thursday: Mr.Chicken/earth restaurant
7/10 Friday: tamagoboy/Churrascaria Quebom!

We look forward to your visit!