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ONE Marchais

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ONE Marchais (SHIBUYA CAST. rial venue) 2020.9.22 (Tue) 11:00-17:00

ONE Marchais LIVE! (online venue, delivery) 2020.9.22 (Tue) 11:00-17:00
(we deliver sequentially from SHIBUYA CAST. venue before time!)

※Rain out
※Online venue opening period 9.18 (Fri)-9.27(Sun) 

It is the first time in history! We hold Marchais with rial at the same time online!

SHIBUYA CAST. is SHIBUYA CAST. in "ONE Marchais" of the first on Tuesday (holiday) on September 22, 2020 for 2,020 years We hold with GARDEN and online. NKB inc. utilizes company's live streaming service "NKB LIVE!" this time, is live streaming in sale "ONE Marchais LIVE!" by person from branch from venue. You can enjoy charm of Marchais by rial becoming first time in history and online simultaneous holding.
We hold thermometry and mask wearing, new coronavirus infectious disease measures including disinfection of finger thoroughly.

■ONE Marchais LIVE! → Online venue is this place!
ONE Marchais LIVE! Then person from branch is limit of about 15 minutes once and develops product introductions that made an elaborate plans each live. Audience can enjoy Marchais for sense that actually arrives in being able to interchange by question and the exchanges with person from branch using chat capability. Visit to anyone and site is possible and can share shopping experience to feel warmth of people only in Marchais with remote together with family and friends of distant place everywhere in in online one.

■ONE Marchais online
Furthermore, we establish online venue "ONE Marchais online" to introduce EC site of person from branch to and read live streaming of person of branch and can purchase products from person of linked branch EC site.

With ONE Marchais /ONE Marchais online, collaboration sale "mountain X general incorporated association teremedizu" with fruit shop by the nation's first active play doctor opens a store craft hot sauce specialty store "Hot Sauce Bar" of the Japan's first landing "KOMENUCAFE" of drink using baked potato "pukupuku" of "honey" degree number one and Japanese super food "rice bran".

SHIBUYA CAST. branch store

Online branch store