GARDEN which every person comes and goes, and becomes face of SHIBUYA CAST.
In space among seasonal planting, various utilization including Marchais, kitchen car, yoga, art event, stage event is possible. We can hold event in conjunction with SPACE.

Facility summary (GARDEN, the grand staircase)

●Available range GARDEN: 290 square meters of grand staircases: 80㎡
●Floor load-resistant GARDEN: 2t/㎡ 
●Power supply capacity GARDEN: 15kVA, the 10kVA (two event power supply boards) grand staircase: 45A (three parallelism outlets)
※We can rent the grand staircase only at the time of use of GARDEN.


TEL: 03-5778-9172 (from 9:00 to 18:00)

FAX: 03-3409-3313

As for the details, the application for facility use, please see this PDF