SPACE utility room


Good location that is entrance of Harajuku area. It can inflect in seminar of creative exhibition and gallery or 100 scales, various uses including talk show. We add foyer with bar counter. We can hold open space and event that linked.

Facilities summary

●Floor space
190 square meters (70 square meters of utility room 120 square meters/foyers)
●Effective studding 3.0m
Theater style: 112 seats/school form: 54 seats/
Party form (buffet): Around 60-70 people
In the stage: Fixed grid baton, drawing curtain rail ・
Screen (150 inches), writing rail
In seat: Fixed grid baton writing rail
In foyer: Bar counter
In entrance: Signage


TEL: 03-5778-9172 (from 9:00 to 18:00)

FAX: 03-3409-3313

As for the details, the application for facility use, please see this PDF