How should vision of city be made?
"(provisionally) thinking about future city in creative thought" exhibition planning meeting, the first part

On March 25, 2019, talk discussion "(provisionally) which thought about future city in creative thought" exhibition planning meeting with operator concerned with the top creator and editor, urban development was held on SHIBUYA CAST. stage. This event that developed talk discussion held in commemoration of the first anniversary of the opening of SHIBUYA CAST. in last April. Table which five people of going on the platform surround is placed in the center and is laid out so that audience surrounds the circumference and develops while involving visitors. We divide state of white-hot discussion about city into two of the first part, the latter part and tell.

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City that creator, editor, developer each look at

Sowing seeds in spring project representative, Haruaki Tanaka of plan host is opening greeting and "wants to do in place that can discuss freely as city is thing of all". And "creator suggests vision, and feel significance in developers gathering towards the aim. We said, we think that it was duty of creator to make connection beyond various interests. We consider that it is important to push forward while sharing vision in the urban development in this meeting and say that we want to share process until vision decision. Afterwards, Tanaka introduces person of going on the platform of this event. It was shown that it was contents for talk discussion in SHIBUYA CAST. one lap anniversary and discussion by the second anniversary of the opening plan that the same members gathered and were carried out in April.

Be involved in what Takahiro Mizuguchi of TOKYU which is SHIBUYA CAST. general manager (retire from now) advocates under the theme of "Readable" in two laps of anniversaries, and he introduces that he is going to output figure which SHIBUYA CAST. aims at positively as place of experiment. We stated, "we have you feel how to use and vanity of new town".

The leading person of creation expression that Saito spirit one people (representative from raizomatikusu) whom we were introduced to from Tanaka saying "it is not designer in developer either and sees things for overlooking" is digital. We told, "we gather up that we usually talked fragmentarily about town today" while there was building to bass and was concerned with city planning and redevelopment item.

Keisuke Toyota (noiz partner /gluon partner) introduced to successively is pioneer of building design by kompyuteshonarudezain and acts as invitation venue plan adviser in Osaka World Exposition of 2025. We put expectation saying "we may find value by arguing about contents which had not been boiled down so far at this meeting".

Shigehisa Yamamoto (Nikkei xTECH, Nikkei Architecture editing committee member) in charge of plan, editing of "Tokyo shakeup map" which conveyed figure of Tokyo that changed suddenly scrupulously (Nikkei BP mook) said, "we are recognized as the media to update contents every year, and to know the situation of urban development for overlooking", and it was predicted that it was spoken while linking with state of city that actually moved in plenary session.

And because sowing seeds in spring project that Tanaka presided over planned share office co-lab (korabo) for exclusive use of creator, and it ran, it was said that it dealt with Blanding direction by several large-scale development in Tokyo, and it was shown to progress while even plenary session gathered up contents.

Proposal of Saito born from doubt for cityscape of Tokyo

At first, it is proposal to "argue as for the urban development of Japan more between developers" given from Saito in discussion from the past that Tanaka raised. At first, it was promoted that person of going on the platform spoke recent activity content, and story began from Saito while taking these contents into consideration.

It is said that we held "it is the same, and is it good?" and question now while raising Olympics and that we turn afterwards, and development advances in scenery and orbit of Tokyo to see Saito to live in Hayama-machi of Kanagawa by commuting from expressway changing every day, again many towns. That is because it puts incubation center and creative center, municipal hall in the middle class floor of building by development, and it is purpose that it is first to receive relaxation of floor area ratio of building although there are many examples establishing open space accessible to anyone, and it is viewpoint of Saito that there may be trend "establishing first of all".

Even if "contemporary urban development is plan only for building in complex system super, for example, Saito affected by "making the media of city" that we say of British architect group archi glamb picks quarrel with driving or district construction automatically. We should be able to do various things anyway. We state, you should do culture creation or robotics together than company competes and pushes forward development separately and speak, "we consider so that oneself provides Tokyo city planning nursing delusions" in discussion in April. In addition, there is temperature difference between developer, administration about urban development, each player of creator and is going to push forward smoothly as oneself enters between.

As the concrete recent activity, communalization and platform of data introduce becoming to Saito. To scan basement of Shibuya digitally at 3D in "Shibuya 3D Underground", and to download data. It is attempt that "1964 TOKYO VR" to collaborate with NHK, and to push forward makes photograph at the time of 1964 3D and can experience in VR. "Share of information is possible between competing companies if we use structure of block chain. It was said, it is necessary to make economic zone while sharing thing to make for each company.

Urban development corresponding to the future implemented digitally by most things

Toyota performs consulting centering on building, city recently as "gluon" unless we are concerned with design and construction by digital technology. We said, "we thought about city planning and life platform, product 20-30 years later deductively and corrupt". Toyota looks back toward world economic trends, and maker of manufacturing sweeps over the world until around 1990, and value moves to information from the 90s and analyzes that information platform gained power.

Title JPN: The change of generation of global company after 1980
Title EN:A Generation Diagram of Global Corporations after 1980
credit: noiz

"However, company such as Amazon and Ali Baba called the third generation Pratt former appeared because we could not bring about high value if we did not treat thing. Furthermore, for the fourth generation, it is performed that thing which as edites the value and function side, and Uber and Airbnb, WeWork move thing following real estate and real estate in existing city, does not originally move makes environment that seems to move. We pointed out, the fifth generation should become information Pratt former which could handle existing city domain compositely by this flow.
We continue again, and "Pratt former of third generation and the fourth generation moves to take the fifth generation with overwhelming financial power, but it is on wall point not to know so as to be unexpected by attribute to dwell in how to make and thing of thing, how to use background and history. Information concerning the first generation thing left behind is becoming gold vein and points out even if we may jump to the fifth generation by having common language of computerization.

On the other hand, "smart city" which Google or Ali Baba spend vast fund, and is going to come out says to provide service by digitizing the whole city. It is said that it is necessary for Toyota to make "common ground" when we implement existing thing digitally.

Sensor and marker being installed in monoside in this, and being information and interactive state. We can give unprecedented service, and the origin of economical movement changes and predicts the future when structure of player changes. But, unlike human being, AI installed in autonomy run and robot, building called digital agent may not be recognized until thing is some form and is described digitally.

It "becomes important it is easy to understand, and to make town with viewpoint of digital agent. If domains plural as company coalition unite in Japan while the oligopoly state of one company including Google catches repulsion, and there is aspect that local government-led model such as Europe is inferior to technology and sense of speed, physical strength that the highest knowledge and funds just gather even if we see worldwide barely remains. In addition, it may be possible for thing which it is not done the oligopoly as open thing becomes premise when companies gather. Opportunity when it is good that there is flag mark such as international exposition when we did so. Process to constitute venue after having made, only anything left possibility, and said, is thinking about whether it was possible for city planning which was interactive, and was discrete, and was changeable.

Add, and when "design what kind of system while form of possession and share changes dynamically in city, and will not build how sononakadeno economic activities change as model now, for example, is not in time for urban development in 2035. We strongly recommended is it not that it was necessary to make capital and technique, implementation opportunity with bigger viewpoint not developer working individually?proposal of Saito to think well.

Where is the next sense of values of floor area ratio in making urban development?

With thing of scale that total floor area is 10,000 square meters or more as for the project taking up, 10,000 square meters of within projects actually progress much while talking about response about "Tokyo shakeup map" saying "needs to want to know figure of Tokyo undergoing a complete change seem to be deep-rooted", and Yamamoto explains that town moves dynamically. In addition, we said that we took up "city reproduction special district" applied under city reproduction special measures law of establishment in 2002 and the merits and demerits of urban development by "national strategy special ward area" (special ward) to make procedure one stop more while we recorded discussion to feature the theme of "city reproduction" project by plan of the space.

"It is said that it is inapplicable once and, in target district, sets regulation such as use and floor area ratio, height in city planning depending on characteristic of the, once again, project again. We perform addition of floor area ratio and, depending on the degree of contribution for city, promote. Even if optimization was done every project as it is thing letting we utilize private power, and competition principle act, we do not perform in direction to cooperate between development companies of each district, and to raise charm of city"

In "there having been indication in discussion that we planned in the space, plan of the whole city has been originally controlled under the master plan. But overlook-like viewpoint to make strength as the whole city weakened as we switched to "project principles" to raise charm such as specific redevelopment business as far as we saw movement of city reproduction project of the 10s in the 2000s. Therefore you reevaluate instruction due to master plan-like thing, and similar urban development projects do not seem to jump into one, and would you like to control uniformity? Can another thing not enlarge without letting incentive of contribution for city be floor area ratio throughout in the other? We posed saying such a discussion becomes situation that came out to the front.

Map production: Union map
The source: Nikkei Architecture separate volume mook "Tokyo shakeup map 2019-20XX"

In response to past story, Mizuguchi explains "real estate investment business model" as position of developer. For a certain site, it is said that we decide and develop use and floor space based on thought, that whether profit goes up as real estate value most if we do use of what kind of land. Because we were made based on price of market and wage charges to assume, building explained the general current situation that was not discussed across the individual sites.

In addition, when we performed complex large-scale development in special ward, there was model called "the most effective use" and introduced that there was structure which took bonus of floor area ratio by making facilities of use, for example, to contribute to community. It is the same, and, in the case of site of simple substance, this points out that we are considered what profit goes up how long if we build basically, too.

"Thought circuit begins in totally different place when we look back some other time. Even if we adjust between developers and call on to do town planning premeditatedly, we feel that it is readily difficult when we do not begin from place to change thought circuit which rooted. There might have been no problem with soaring at time when we grew up, but said, it will be from now on for phase when you must finally think seriously.

Discussion finally becomes active after we stand, and position and viewpoint became clear activity of person of going on the platform again. In the latter half, we tell about state of planning meeting while chasing remark of person of each going on the platform.

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