We think about future city in creative thought
"202X URBAN VISIONARY vol.1" talk session, the first part

From 19:00 of April 26, 2019 SHIBUYA CAST. As plan of anniversary festival, talk session series "202X URBAN VISIONARY vol.1" was held on SHIBUYA CAST. stage.
We add to Saito spirit one people (raizomatikusu representative director), Keisuke Toyota (noiz partner /gluon partner), Shigehisa Yamamoto (Nikkei xTECH, Nikkei Architecture editing committee member), Haruaki Tanaka (co-lab plan administration representative/sowing seeds in spring project) of moderator who went on the platform this time in last time following talk discussion carried out on March 25 and invite Mori Building, Mitsubishi Estate, Mitsui Fudosan, the major developer person in charge and person concerned such as TOKYU with administration of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and talk with about vision in near future. Place that practitioners who played an active part in the front line that Saito saw gathered, and exchanged opinion came true, and white-hot discussion was developed.

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Place that creator plays a key role, and thinks about the future of city

Greetings were practiced than Takahiro Mizuguchi (TOKYU Corporation) of SHIBUYA CAST. general manager first. "A lot of creative people gathered in SHIBUYA CAST. and ran for the making of place that worked, and passed its time in play for two years. In addition, mainly on GARDEN, we came towards place that became node of town. Creator sends at event and continues that we make with local person and thinks that it was in form little by little. We advocated theme "Readable" on anniversary feast day and did in that when "we thought about new Shibuya we talked play". This talk session right said, we hope when it might become opportunity of thinking together about the future of city.

It was emphasized with self-introduction from Tanaka that point that creator played a key role in this meeting, and was held was very rare. The latest installation of Saito and Toyota is displayed at the same time and mentions that discussion is carried out while invoking these. It is contents of talk discussion carried out in March that were commented following introduction of person of each going on the platform. It was, it "might be running out of ⼤ to push forward while discussing urban development of Japan between more developers, and sharing" that was brought up through the whole. As there was anxiety that it was in uniform town where similar buildings which took floor area ratio at the full blast lined up by the present city planning, and current city was super complex system, there was suggestion whether should push forward culture creation or robotics together than we competed and pushed forward development separately.

As cause that such a thing happened, large-scale development for city reproduction advanced on the principle of individual project by leadership of country since "city reproduction special measures law" was established in particular in 2002, and it was given as reason that viewpoint that brought about difference of individuality every area became indistinct. In addition, sense of values of the times of "post-floor area ratio" to plan a variety of development was shown in the point at issue whether was necessary some other time without assuming only the volume of floor space incentive of urban development.

In viewpoint of real estate, investment business model is point where we included general thing that is not discussed across the individual sites to be oriented to profitability, and to think about real estate value basically. It had serious matter pointed out to make town which it was easy to understand with viewpoint of digital agent as attention point. For problem solution, structure which next, could transfer floor area ratio for having "quality of human being" as viewpoint as it was not developed town which resembled closely, thing, preservation to pay attention to accumulation and value of history again was introduced. In addition, we had that communalization of player who had curation of city and dispersed rule and information was required pointed out.

After that, about title "202X URBAN VISIONARY" which Tanaka advocated this time "is creator and joint ownership vision of developer and administrative city planning which visionary of city planning that artist describes in that is imagination pushes forward redevelopment individually that is that may be elaborated a plan. As the person concerned fixed centering on visionary who could make interpretation into ⾃ reason, before premeditated vision, caused meeting intellect-like development and explained saying F buttocks Tate puts up temporary construction that it might be possible for gently. We point out that it may be the way of unprecedented city planning that returns to culture and art as the final purpose when there is circle called art design business policy.

Figure and problem of city to look at from the person concerned playing an active part in the front line

Afterwards, introduction and position talk of guest speaker were done. It is Moritaka Sato of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism City Bureau town planning promotion section manager first that was introduced. "It is person in charge of city reproduction special measures law section. We launch round-table conference about role that the way and city reproduction of city that continues growth in keyword in population decline society serve as "diversity" and "innovation" from February of this year and start discussion. We said, we think that role and value that real space had had been asked still more so as to advance if digitization advanced, and diversification of sense of values advanced.

It is Hiroshi Sugiyama of Mori Building next. In "Mori Building adopting culture and art for town planning, I am in charge of culture facility and am doing project with creator and Aristrist. We let "MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM: EPSON teamLab Borderless" open in Team Lab and Odaiba last year. We continue event to implement technology culture called "MEDIA AMBITION TOKYO" in city for seven years. In addition, we fed back, and place where people and people interchanged explained to the making of hardware, we plan beforehand from the viewpoint of software business what was you were concerned with development of Toranomon area, and what kind of culture facility you made.

Successively after Taku Tanikawa of Mitsubishi Estate "walking business field, and having resided in the United States, is in charge of Otemachi and Marunouchi, the area management of "daiganyu" consisting of Yurakucho from 2017, and two years pass. daiganyukyogikai where all the ground incarnation enrolled in was established and, for 30 years, continued town planning in citizen cooperation, but some said that town was not known unexpectedly and might come to be difficult to approach and guided place not to be able to enter last year in usual times including the roof and underground of "opening city Marunouchi" and building which said and held tour for public who had you consider activity of town planning twice. In addition, we provided long table in the middle of way to show new how to use Chiyoda-ku way called Marunouchi relation street and held event to have well-known chef of daiganyu area enjoy dishes. About the future of town, we said, we think that we could discuss from viewpoint called how to use today.

Satohiro Yonemochi of Mitsui Fudosan "have to talk, and is in charge of business of Miyashita Park from Tokyu. After having been in charge of building business from apartment business, we were in charge of commerce now and introduced ourselves saying we were concerned with development of Hibiya building.

Of at the time when sankuchikantaroshi of Tokyu "was in charge of area management and Blanding of Shibuya Shibuya-ku "town which turns difference into power. We had basic plan called Shibuya-ku increase element of culture, entertainment and industrial development and performed committee which added viewpoint of local people and industrial policy. If interesting people gather in city, company comes, and lifestyle becomes interesting, and people interesting again gather there if we have there interchange, emergence. City and building did discussion to become stage, device of such an a variety of units. The suburbs along the line and local work increased, but they assumed technology key and said, we are interested in opening innovation of each area being connected by Shibuya by spread of intellectual convection of Homo sapiens who had now.

The way of city that Saito and Toyota pose through work

Saito explains background of problem submission from the last time here. "Everybody was going to make thing which resembled closely with item which was able to come for consultation to me at the same time. We thought that such situation was bad and continued saying that it was necessary we gathered in large development of Tokyo that could say that it was the first time in history, and to talk.

We talked about intention of picture work "202X CRYPT CITY" which Saito produced this time successively. "We had you offer data of "Tokyo shakeup map" that Yamamoto was edited (Nikkei BP) and gathered up about development 10,000 square meters or more. Furthermore, we think that by including change, daytime population of state, designated agricultural plot and empty house of population decline and thing of nighttime population, should be able to consider "is Tokyo good as it is?". In the latter half, we introduce structure of block chain which we made title. It links gentlemen's agreement in secure state and gives information of development together and is that we mend thing not to put on. We suggest that you should share role so that eating and drinking are strong in this area, or it is said that it is easy to live in families here. Of course there is competition between companies, but is story to share information, and to mend good town generally. For problem submission, we think that we can ask how it seems while everybody is concerned with duties today.

"202X CRYPT CITY" is this

Toyota did explanation of "Hyper SHIBUYA CAST." which we produced in total at this time after it was said that we often converged in story how made next-generation smart city in duties of own building drawing office and consulting. "Client and the law, structure and cost made model to be able to make SHIBUYA CAST. to like without relations, too. As smart city contains various structure including information other than the physical thing compositely, we cannot drop into one form. We provided that such an element might be such a ratio if we described concrete painting of smart city implementation in Shibuya area and piled up perpendicularly earnestly. We could talk about how it changed when share advanced for hours only in this, but said, we can have as tsuma of sashimi today.

"Hyper SHIBUYA CAST." is this

Saito, at first, to person of going on the platform "think that there is readily that share information each other at the spot level now. We posed whether there should be such an opportunity is it one which there did not need to be?.

Yamaguchi, "as a whole, should meet. As we are going to insert all the desired functions into one building in project simple substance by all means, we think that what share information of the whole town well to dissolve such situation is good. For example, as we make with Shibuya having plural articles, you should realize mixed-use in the whole town, but it should be possible including other than Shibuya together to raise effect more. In addition, as well as handling of personal information, we said, we think that it was easy to realize more when there was structure based on block chain-like way of thinking to focus on necessary place, and to share.

At "opportunity to talk about together, Sugiyama thinks that it is important, but it is told that viewpoint when oneself think about town does zoom out of town in the whole Tokyo, the world without remaining in talk of area. Viewpoint called how to use whole Tokyo was never necessary and pointed out, we think that all were friends if we stood in such a viewpoint to become city where Tokyo was chosen seeing from the world.

Tanikawa tunes to two people, too; "think whether it is readily difficult to share all from basement of building drawing to ground at time where give data to, but think that what make element for each area is important. We push forward town planning while acquiring characteristic for each building in one holding about 1/3 of building of daiganyu area. For example, we replaced Tokyo Building and use that pushed forward development at the same time and, by development of the Peninsula Tokyo, were able to develop the Peninsula Tokyo that gathered non-duties use (hotel) and Tokyo Building of office, commerce use. We thought that such an approach was very important and told, project of one one stands out.

Yonemochi "should be conscious of the most suitable placement of use in area including us, too. When it was fun town or focused judging from eye of person to employ whether it was comfortable on foot, we told, world people keep glance pleased with in mind to Japanese people, and eventually, not to take off.

Saito deepens discussion while mentioning thought of each developer, and floating expression of satisfaction on talks advancing. But, the first part to here. In the latter part, we enter into information sharing between each developer and full-scale discussion including how to make of live city space.

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