When it is from this of city transforming by corona evil?
"202X URBAN VISIONARY vol.4" which thinks about future city in creative thought

Talk session series "202X URBAN VISIONARY vol.4" which thought about the future of city in creative thought on June 18, 2020 was held.
Properly speaking, in what it is this plan that we were going to hold to the third anniversary of the opening festival of SHIBUYA CAST. in space in SHIBUYA CAST., but is affected by new model coronavirus, and is realized in online format first for plan hosted by SHIBUYA CAST. As a result, I received participation application from more than 1000 people, and it was at valuable opportunity to feel possibility of online event.

Members who went on the platform this time are as follows. We send design of hot discussion that players in the front line concerned with urban development of Tokyo developed under the theme of "transformation of city" by corona evil.
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・Saito spirit one people (the raizomatikusu architecture sponsorship)
・Keisuke Toyota (the noiz combination sponsorship /gluon joint sponsorship)
・Shigehisa Yamamoto (Nikkei cross tech, Nikkei Architecture editing committee member)
・Haruaki TANAKA (sowing seeds in spring project's representative director /co-lab plan administration representative)
・Hiroshi Sugiyama (Mori Building town management business room frontier Planning's section manager)
・Mariko Shigematsu (Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. city planning Planning unit leader)
・Makoto Sasaki (Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. S&E research institute study, consulting group's chief scientist)
・sankuchikantaro (Tokyu management Planning Office management policy studying group's section manager)

This plan that started in 2019 by appeal of Saito spirit one people of moderator.
In the record-breaking redevelopment rush of these days, we invite the fourth from the first discussion that throwing in of problem about the current situation of leading master plan lack was accomplished, and Saito expects development new again.
"We think that lifestyle changes by new coronavirus in various ways. I did only throwing in "pushed forward redevelopment, and is so good?" in past URBAN VISIONARY, We utilized place called Tokyo via this situation how, and mind changed in directionality how we should place in Japan. We want to hear story of everybody in various viewpoints"

caption: 12 topics which were thrown in beforehand than person of going on the platform

TOPIC: Public space
Makoto Sasaki (Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. S&E research institute study, consulting group's chief scientist) who acted as top batter of panel talk, We talked about "public space" to cut end. Under the corona, people who lost place to go rushed to GARDEN and park, and it was topic that was often discussed, but Sasaki brought up example of each country where innovation was taking place about importance of COMMUNITY in public space in the future while introducing.
By but "conventional public space was made with premise that it was good that a lot of people came corona, We think directionality called "which is not" thing gathering people without any reason to think. In famous Bryant park of New York, we sometimes do event gathering a lot of people, but we do small scale event a lot, and it is to 2,000 a year when it is said with number. Place where visitor comes to in corona moderately in after oriented to COMMUNITY may be required"

TOPIC: Crowd and open are sparse
Successively by Mariko Shigematsu (Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. city planning Planning unit leader) talk concerning "crowd and open are sparse". We gave original keyword of "density concerned" in meaning of the density of relationship in a certain meeting.
When "physical distance is born as for the relationship with high density, the relations density may fade away by all means. Sense of distance to deepen density concerned assumes important element in the downtown area, and what should we have been going to do to take distance in city without weakening density concerned? We talk while giving keyword called "open of the downtown area is sparse" newly.
"We open terrace and the roof. Moreover, we open door purely, and it should be to thing which attracts people only that shop comes out to road surface. Is sparse, and, in the important one, is there host doing open there on seeing place; please. As activity of the area management is prosperous in the downtown area, we think that we can promote all in one body"

Hiroshi Sugiyama (Mori Building town management business room frontier Planning's section manager) commented while referring to area "Toranomon Azabudai" that we developed where Mori Building was large now.
"We made town from beginning mainly on GARDEN and designed this town for way of thinking to build building in the meantime. We think that how to get new distance with people and person in the downtown area must think about side making hardware"

TOPIC: Digital twin smart city
While it is said, "you should multiplex value of floor" for flow that office is canceled not being avoided in future, Toyota poses question here.
"It was only office and we repeat three pieces of things becoming a one-third value and do space to 1 as if being usable at both house and school. We must introduce thing which can move such a value in earnest, We think that actualized various problems cannot be solved in corona. When solution may lead to making smart city-like system compositely in this sense. We want to ask whether you are thinking about the neighborhood, what kind of everybody thing"

In contrast, sankuchikantaroshi (Tokyu management Planning Office management policy studying group's section manager) answers.
"It becomes toward the considerable back of value chain in developer and there is good balance with profitability and cannot think that we are going to add digital later. The truth must bury digital from root and trunk when we make town, but developer concerned with development must do with people having digital technology if we are going to just do that in town which there is"

"DX does not advance so that Saito says even development that I am concerned with. Saying is surprised whether * dies anymore anymore time; as for saying is; remark.
We emphasize importance of Toyota thinking in macroand global viewpoint.
"Sidewalk Labs" of "Google subsidiary withdraws from Toronto and the next training comes out to the surface of the water more and more in China, but thinks that you have a feeling of pressure more and must see as that, teaching is thing which has been doing for a long time for several years. It is not carried out several years later when we do not begin to move now if we do similar thing in Japan"

We say that word itself smarter city has made both of them purpose somewhere.
"We have come without considering what you made value for the purpose of what. Everybody applies for "megacity bill" when "you must do it", Even medical care says even energy and is over without it being possible for anything when we do not make one something cut end"

On the other hand, smart city is not special, and Shigematsu that smart city of Otemachi, Marunouchi, Yurakucho (daiganyu) area works on becoming says that it is town itself.
"Is it how reone designing through technology there is vision, and how you update that by technology? It is our thought that does that in 3~5 year to work on update of town in 2 axes"
In addition, of "gather, hitting how refer to forest" boom, is "COMMUNITY", or "attention to "town" gathers more. That was connected to the town of rial and person who participated in town was to be chance that increased and spoke tomo.

TOPIC: Evaluation index of international competition city
Talk enters in the second half, theme to "evaluation index of international competition city." Sugiyama spoke based on index of "world city collective strength ranking" that forest memory foundation announced every year (Global Power City Index, GPCI) as follows.
"Tokyo is London, city of the third place next to New York, but item called "cultural exchange" is predominantly weak. City attracts people in Mori Building and calls power to attract "magnetic force of city", but, in Tokyo, magnetic force should be raised by making efforts in cultural exchange

We emphasize that "the home" is necessary for Tokyo in the future while raising "design Art Museum" which Mori Building and Team Lab have collaboration as the example in 2018 and made.
"Inbound is the very severe situation now, but "purposefulness" and "destination" (trip destination) become important when freedom came to be able to come and go again. When we intended to make this facility, there was thought that it must be in some kind of homes in Tokyo.
Therefore we advocated theme to "wander in digital space using body" and laid emphasis on creating experiences not to be provided when we did not come here. As a result, 2.3 million people visit in one year, and it is said that customer from foreign countries and half of came to Tokyo half soon from foreign countries for this facility. We think that "magnetic force" to attract the world might have been born

In contrast, "movement of type without physical movement and new channels were increasing surely now and thought that there was new problem that people who had land here participated in, but how do you arrest?" and question were posed by Toyota, and Sugiyama replied in this way.
"Real space thinks that online space is city if we regard place where people gather as city in wide meaning. When it will be what, or the area management of virtual space makes oasis where people gather with virtual event, it will be what kind of thing or may make use of developer having come over by any chance"

TOPIC: Entertainment and cultural capital
The same topic in "entertainment and cultural capital." Shigematsu says that opportunity to manage Gokan although we understood well is robbed of its online possibility under the influence of corona now in city. While doing that "is various at place close outside to regain such an opportunity if it is important that it is possible", there of "sound" stated that had problem.
"We think that it is necessary to raise tolerance for sound in the whole society. Underpass is enough, but thinks that development that Gokan is stimulated more and more is born if it is in a situation that sound is permitted without problem"

TOPIC: baiofirikku downtown area and nature
Tanaka said that "living in the mountains in the city" was demanded now after having prefaced by saying that many people came to demand natural environments under Corona which the situation that going out had difficult followed.
"They leave the downtown area and think that there is style to appear in the suburbs and the country, but people to work while feeling, and to want to live for nature more are temporarily while, after all, enjoying convenience and effectiveness, culture of the downtown area. Even building unit says "living in the mountains in the city", and movement that town, ward unit make as the whole city may become active

TOPIC: Administration, private enterprise, PPP deregulation
Theme to continue is "administration, private PPP deregulation". Saito who brings up problem as well as Tokyo when we should review "restricted zone" (in area mediated depending on use for the premeditated city area formation in 13 areas) nationwide.
From Sasaki, interesting opinion is given.
"You should be changed depending on the situation when we think that thing and person required with the times change. In the area called madison avenue of New York, supercondo stands in a row, but, seeing from the top, we plant trees in all rooms, and there should be there some cord which we were able to decide.
When Japan can propose posture to "relax, for example, some regulation if we become the roof green", town of Tokyo allows that it is at a stretch in forest

TOPIC: The design thought area management of town
As for the panel talk that went approximately nonstop in theme "way of working and work space" of the last. Tanaka who developed co-lab, and was engaged in reform of way of working for many years, "We think that change of work space should pay attention. As for the flow of "decentralization of office" to make the need of ventilator and the way of office space that does not become sparse, the head office function reduction, dispersion, big; said, should be argued.

We want to argue still more between going on the platform members more…While there being atmosphere called this, but, at the time, it being past end planned 21:00, and thinking deeply about feeling the sorrow of parting; to closing. Each described impression of the day.
Toyota and Saito emphasize, "anyway, you mix thing of various scales together and must do action now as both the companies and the alliance". Furthermore, Yamamoto says, "a sense of crisis that is different from a sense of crisis when we began URBAN VISIONARY two years ago again is born", too, It was said that you should launch cooperation between developers between areas concretely now.

Important topic as we could not tell all was brought up in short time two hours, but a sense of crisis "that there was only now if we changed" was shared, and it was at a stimulating time when an unprecedented sense of unity called "chance that each place cooperated now, and made city" was bred.
As there was indication by closing, cooperation between areas between companies begins to move this meeting as opportunity and expects that concrete project stands up.