Digital art X gal X retro game… Unit-related Bon festival dance "BON CAST.2019" which explodes

August 20 when heat to roast skin is beyond peak, and comfortable evening wind rustles. Annual Bon festival dance event "BON CAST." was held in SHIBUYA CAST. in the summer.
It was Bon festival dance that played a role to intensify requiem and entertainment, unity of villager when we looked back on history, but, in SHIBUYA CAST., people that area to live in and age and nationality were scattered shared dance, and it was event to enjoy a summer time.
We report state of peace full na Bon festival dance in the middle of Shibuya.

17:00 when brightness of day still remains. In GARDEN, choreography course by dance girls was carried out as lecture of dance before Bon festival dance public performance. When pattern that is exercise plays public performance street music, completely in the festival mood. Tempted by music, people tinged with street are breathed in in GARDEN, too.

In the grand staircase, gorgeous rays jump into eyes. The making of shining sun visor cap with work unit "gal train" electronic in what was performed there. They who develop digital art by heterogeneous negotiations called "electronic work X gal" lecture directly. Workshop which told soldering iron for polite net income in spite of being showy figure was space that got a lot of looks conspicuously.

As for the participant, with parent and child or young couple vary. As when sun visor cap which shined completed after process of soldering and programming was covered, gal mind dwelled, is age teimashita in tension regardless of age.

Branch, magic and traditional pinball game stand, fair such as yoyo scoop which worship in GARDEN in the summer, and provide snow cone and chicken are development.

Retro wooden pinball game seems to have been reflected in virginity to eyes of small children. We learned how to play and stared at arc to create of pinball played like a brick and were delight when premium which we wanted hit.
As for the stand selling toy not to get used to that it is strange in the neighbor, and curiosity is aroused. We were attracted by that where "Pooh!" and sound became and seemed to be quite popular with children.

We are invited to festival tower and vigor to rise in the center of GARDEN in large quantities, and people visit GARDEN one after another. And, at 18:30, Bon festival dance started.
It gradually increases people who just turned smartphone to distant circle let alone dance girl who waited impatiently for start and men's lady in yukata at the beginning in dance in ring whether strain softened. "Toyoko Hachi-ko" helped rush, and it was exalted, and children participated in dance, too.

GARDEN is large serving proceed by Toyoko Hachi-ko and "Toyoko Hachi-ko leading" to dance and crude poem, performance by guest artist. Particularly big cheers and camera were turned to performance to mark line with traditional Bon festival dance including heaping up just like club with Meiwa electric equipment covered with big mask and gal train.

Drum which shined was installed in the side of tower. Light links drum, and color is changing structure interactively by place to knock on including aspect and edge. While child chopped beet to rhythm of music, adult enjoyed, too.

When continue dancing to Western music which is rare up tempo by familiar music and Bon festival dance, at time in no time at the end time. Air sparing the end gives GARDEN.

Then anything and event time for extension! "Refill thyme" which guest artist shows performance to once again each comes, and people who gathered dance on music with smile while floating sweat on forehead.
We exchange looks with person next to each other and laugh and take photograph with guest and. Even as for the staff with small pouch with the construction material to member of ring of dance. We reached grand finale by sigh and applause on satisfaction after we enjoyed thought zan shiosurumaito.

It will not be originally exaggeration even if one dancing dance of local tradition says standard of Bon festival dance in Shinto shrine and park. Therefore this BON CAST. attracted various people, and it was event that could feel depth of breast of SHIBUYA CAST. which a variety of individuality harmonized with.