From Shibuya this

2019, illustration

"We lived we worked relaxed", and concept of SHIBUYA CAST. always changed with people and did energy of town which sent new culture to picture by expression for oneself.

We entered co-lab Shibuya from summer, and scramble square and PARCO opened during several months, and completion approached Miyashita Park. People of workshop are full of vigor, and scenery of town changing every day is always fresh. We are looking forward to Shibuya who further changes from now on.

Illustrator /co-lab SHIBUYA CAST. member. We start activity in 2005 as illustrator. In late years we are offering illustration mainly on magazine, soe of novel, paper medium including cover designs of book.

▶With ︎ "CAST WALL"
"CAST WALL" which releases work which creator who is young and spirited produced under the theme of "SHIBUYA CAST." "Shibuya" "Miyashita-cho." Through expression of each creator, we send every Shibuya.