2020, movie (5min)/Web-AR

SHIBUYA CAST. where this exists SHIBUYA HYPER CAST. which updates design to base in this continuously It is the second form of project.
Platform of life is expanded to information space, and various elements such as job, house, study, play multiplex in multi-layer, and effective element is more variable with it is society which we made disintegration, and place that is wide area becomes able to edit.
Place characteristics and historicalness, value of style and individuality only in the place increase at the same time and various elements which are half directed, and were amplified make to be selectable and will come to be interwoven in city.
It is perpendicular model city where what tried visualization as extreme example in the downtown area shows such situation to this time, SHIBUYA HYPER CAST.2.

We can actually have Web-AR which can summon miniature of SHIBUYA HYPER CAST.2 without installation of application in front this time just to click link with smartphone.

noiz [noise]
We establish as partnership of Keisuke Toyota and *kakaya in Tokyo in 2007. We add Taipei office from 2009. We add Kosuke Sakai to partner from 2016.
They make full use of technique that is kompyuteshonaru positively, and interior, installation are active with wide genre centering on building globally. About design and faburikeshon, system implementation of the latest digital technology, we develop education and research, consulting activity positively.| noiz

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"CAST WALL" which releases work which creator who is young and spirited produced under the theme of "SHIBUYA CAST.." Through expression of each creator, we send every Shibuya.