Koharu Kawakatsu
2020, collage

We enter co-lab in March of this year, and image to Shibuya is changing. Because of the profession, Shibuya was well forthcoming town, but did not like very much. It is town that "people and atmosphere are disturbed and lose physical strength to. There is impression called ".
However, as there was base called co-lab, with town called Shibuya face each other, and changes. This is because it became exalted in being touched to breathe with experimental approach to be possible simply because it is town such as creature and energetic creation.
SHIBUYA CAST. enshrined to such Shibuya was very calm, and I thought like mother earth where both the richness of heart and steepness totally told. We turned into oasis, Shibuya whom multi-tenant buildings stood in a row, and town, Shibuya of the noise completely gave the richness of heart. Image of such Shibuya who changed impression in an instant reached this visual.

Koharu Kawakatsu Koharu Kawakatsu
Art producer/Aristrist /co-lab SHIBUYA CAST. member. It was born in 1990 and is from Kyoto-shi. Tokyo Zokei University sustainable project specialty graduation. At Miyazu-shi, Kyoto, cluster, hotel, we make rest house and society ground of Aristrist while setting up base in Tokyo, and participant finds own value and works on the making of with opportunity to do way of life that seems to be people.
In addition, we perform dispatch about artist whom we associated there with as writer. We participate in various display as installation, collage writer at home and abroad while it moves into action as art director, planner, coordinator, communicator. [as for the details this]

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