We visit Japan from Denmark. Conference "Design Matters Pop up in Tokyo" for designer by designer

In atmosphere that is North Europe where we reach new age, and SHIBUYA CAST. of the shortly after end of January is unusual.
In Denmark, design conference "Design Matters" from Copenhagen was held for the first time in Japan.

As perception Juarez for "designer by designer", designers gather from the world. When we share trend of design and give inspiration, It was a deep and exciting time.

It is development to design conference that "Design Matters" begins in 2015 in Denmark, and participation of 1,000 floods in from all over the world in last September, and is global. As holding that jump out of own country for the first time this time, is new for Design Matters; is challenged.

About event that is filled for stimulation to conflict with Danish design in the middle of Shibuya, and overflowed, we report from the holding day before to state on the day.

On the day before event, administration team leaves for Shibuya education school Shibuya Junior High School High School in neighborhood of SHIBUYA CAST. immediately after preparations for conference. It is various places and discussion day of student of Shibuya education school on that day. Junior high school, high school students interested in design and art gathered, and questions were inundated with member of Design Matters which played an active part in the world.

A lot of students working hard at production activity play a game, and music, comics, the field including novel actually vary, too. In the scene shedding "Cool!" and voice over Design Matters member in state that technical story comes and works on considerably in earnest.

For question that "how do you show originality by client work?" hit essence including "what should we do to become designer?", We seem to have had possibilities to be made to think about side that answered again. There was difference in country and age, but there were many parts to know and was felt simply because we worked on producing something each other single-mindedly. We went to school located in the center in Shibuya, and story of Denmark viewpoint seemed to have been fresh, and question still followed students who were keenly aware of every thing every day even if we extended time.

To international exchange event "UX JAM x Design Matters" which becomes the conference eve successively when we are sorry and leave school. WEB media "UX MILK" specialized in UX design becomes sponsorship, and Japanese prohibits "UX JAM" which interchanges while doing lightning talk of UX design to base and progresses in English only.
As when "Do not be shy. Fuck Grammar. Use body language. Show your passion!" was thrown before interchange start, restless Japanese participant was encouraged, as for the interchange positively. The cause, conversation of joint ownership language design become lively with nature, too.

It is instant at such happy time. Heat capacity filled with euphoria puts away once in venue and follows conference public performance of the next day.

For program from 10:00 to 18:00 hearty on January 29 and 30 becoming main of conference. We tell about state of 2 days only just a little from here.

In opening, one of the Design Matters founders, Ingrid Haug go on the platform. We talk about aim of Design Matters while reciteing trend and philosophy of design in North Europe.
For now and the future of designer, designers give inspiration, and Design Matters is place sharing new trend. For program, it actually becomes contents included from input including workshop and exchange meeting to output abundantly as well as talk by designer of all the countries of the world.

It is said that background where process of role and design of designer turns into entirely is in this. What's called former fictionization was thing which was lonely as having described painting towards one canvas, and was stoic when we sailed up, The times that tool and environment open now and create together. At the same time, what is demanded from designer diverges into many branches, and thinking in the design, thing that you should work on spread every day.

Theme to advocate there in this conference is "new role of designer, power of the creative, three of North European design philosophy". What should designer create for society as well as user? How can you send that by power of the creative? It is in place investigating beginning of solution from casual approach with sense of fun like North Europe while thinking about such a magnificent problem.

Moving into action gathers in venue in digital, product, every field including graphic even if we say designer to a mouthful, It was state of nearly falling forward to consider the new possibility of design in each.

By guest presentation to continue, creator playing an active part in Slack, Figma, major company of DIGITAL DESIGN including Dropbox from all the countries of the world goes on the platform. In the design trends where we brought encounter with own design and real on-site episode into, it was given presentation. Let alone talk, slide material is full of wit, too and the attention like designer has a glimpse and soaks.

In program, we carry out workshop. We practice prototypic making process worked on with Copenhagen.

Title of this day "product design of speaker for children."
We perform process such as "assembling, test, observation, adjustment" speedily. We perform enormous researches and getting out idea in the early stage of production that is apt to spend time quickly, It is aim that by putting weight for test, observation of communication with user, can notice essential problem as soon as possible.

When people touched design, as "thing that design always deals with people", how should there be as well as fun as seemliness and idea? Design in communication with person who finally arrives becomes vital.

In workshop, prototypic making takes only 30 minutes from research. One product is the speed of level to have before setting rice cooker, and being able to cook rice. While it was wrapped in moderate feeling of strain, participants worked on chance to show own skill lively to say.

Air which was space that overflowed in stimulation and sense of fun from beginning to end, but did so member and going on the platform guest of Design Matters, We felt that communication had a big that we were taken with participant with interest very openheartedly.

Michael Christiansen of Design Matters foundation member actually said that we were interested in Japanese design culture.
"You should learn design that it is simple and is like craftsman seen in Japanese crafts in the overseas spot. Knowledge share around North Europe was main this time, We are interested in Japanese design and think that there is discovery that is new by pulling one step about design of own country for Japanese at such a place, and seeing"

It is that there is that viewpoint that is new by being going to explain and going zukiga are born to different partner of cultural sphere with thing which we usually surely touch not only design. Design Matters right gave such an experience, and talked about design and felt power that by taking that we shared seriously thoroughly, strongly opened the world of design.

SHIBUYA CAST. is place where many creators usually come and go, but probably tries for the first time for two days to be deep, and to be opposite to design to here. While air which was Hygge which sense of fun was full of in cool learned in Denmark drifted, it was SHIBUYA CAST. which felt terrible heat capacity.