CAST People#11_ Shibuya and person who makes freedom to creator
Challenge to "make market lasting 30 years" in town of Shibuya

Camp Yokota University, Shinya Nitta, Mina Sawaki, Yuki Hattori

"SHIBUYA DESIGNERS MARKET" (Shibuya designers market) where "designs" which are not tied up in genre and taste midmost of Shibuya that a variety of people come and go gather. As "market enjoying freedom," it is held at pace once in about two months on the stage of open space of the Shibuya cast.
It is Yokota University and Shinya Nitta of creative agency "Camp" that dealt with plan, administration from the first of this market. Originally it was beginning of these "Shibuya designers market" which became classic now to have undertaken plan, administration of market as event unit "AnonymousCamp" which two people who were active as FREE LANCE just formed.
We hold 15 times of events in total in two and a half years while becoming corporation soon, and friends increasing, and adopting live and workshop, and expanding contents. Freeness that visitor could exchange with young creator who had not appeared in the world yet casually matched with atmosphere of the Shibuya cast and settled as event almost "face of the Shibuya cast" now.
In town which continues changing every moment, where is the secret to let one event continue? It was Yokota and Nitta and the staff of Camp and called at Mina Sawaki, Yuki Hattori who took administration with two people about form of past approach and event to aim at from now on.


Having got over trouble together for driving force of continuation

Please tell opportunity that would affect encounter with the Shibuya cast, designer market.

Nitta: We worked as the outside staff of company called "Pinkoi japan" which ran sale site "iichi" of handwork work for FREE LANCE Era. It was a chance that "Pinkoi japan" relocated office to "co-lab" in the Shibuya cast, and there was consultation to "want you to do design market at part of opening event of the Shibuya cast" from Tokyu (existing Tokyu, following Tokyu) which was administration mother's body of the Shibuya cast for Pinkoi japan. Before a little of the story, there was timing when we started event unit called Yokota and "AnonymousCamp" and would have you leave plan, administration to two through Pinkoi japan.

Yokota: When we just had the story, we held the first event as "AnonymousCamp" with "mer wisdom cute Kanda forever Bridge". Contents are culture markets which featured the theme of illustration/craft/music/country, and people of Tokyu come to play there. We had you say that it was, "it is very good", and story advanced before.

Nitta: Such; it was big to have had see could edit. All two of them were situations called FREE LANCE, but decided to make corporation as "Camp" by having accepted an order of work of market event in the Shibuya casts in those days.

Yokota: We intended to have company in the future, but were a chance to have hurried it. "Shibuya designers market" is work with contemplation for us very much in this sense.

Originally, as for Yokota, as for editor, director, Nitta, event did not seem to be main profession with producer of EC site.

Nitta: So. So it was very uneasy first whether work of event could undertake an enterprise though we wanted to do it. But, at the time of opening event to become the first market, can have various teaching from people who took administration on the site. It is place that we began by model-learning.

Yokota: You helped badly around. Only in people who are gentle, everybody. We had various troubles at opening event when we reconsidered…….

Nitta: As it was attempt first as the Shibuya cast, there are many unexpected troubles. It was tough very, but, in what on-site administration team became one including Tokyu and got over, it was said, and heat capacity and unity were born. We had story "that we wanted to do regularly in future" whether this was because there was such a thing and we continued and would be concerned.

The Shibuya cast is base of every creative activity. We challenged event business, and there might be implication to say to support two people who struggled.

Yokota: Started; when say in meaning called "administration" at first, think that was probably trough level (laugh). But Tokyu sympathize with our thought to "make place where creator who has not appeared in the world yet announces work freely". Reason that had you entrust us thinks that probably it was only there.

Nitta: Yes, we think that it is feeling that belonged only to heat capacity there.

We do not make sales target. "Free place" that can challenge new thing is made

"Market which enjoys freedom while both builder and visitor show each individuality without being spread in style of identification." On the back of this concept, is it what kind of thought and to have a plan?

Nitta: Of course it is node, besides, to tie Aoyama to with Shibuya at entrance of cat street that location of the Shibuya cast ties Harajuku with Shibuya that occurs at the same time in concept of the Shibuya cast called base of creative activity that had a variety of uses. It is said at all to have you know thing which is indies which are not still known, and there is thought to be place in the root when we think about people of various cluster coming and going as it is place where street culture and high-end air are piled up. It is born concept simply because it is this place.

Yokota: Text itself is thing which we started writing, but thinks that it was dropped into nature and concept in what free, tolerant posture of this Shibuya cast was equal to among thought to "want to make many chances by creator" that Camp had from the beginning of unit organization and Tokyu.

It is the choice of exhibiting creator that this concept is plain and is embodied. What kind of standard do you choose in?

Sawaki: We are going to appear in the world from now on and, rather than one where it has been already played an active part widely, think that we can introduce around various places that are looking for place of activity. The choice of exhibitor takes form to invite creator from this not open call for participants type and calls out to which thought that it is good and may have exhibitor introduce. Genre is wide with illustrator, craft writer, designer, editor.

Yokota: Friend of exhibiting writer comes to play and often says that it is, "I want to appear".

Sawaki: As acquaintance of good person is almost good person, there trusts. In fact, our younger staff member, Hattori have exhibited as writer, too.

Hattori: Originally I went to technical school of jewelry and was looking for place that could show that we learned. There was push from all of Camp, too and exhibited with friend twice so far. Like me, we want to widen width of activity from now on! As market beginner called this could exhibit, there was security.

Sawaki: When it is normal market event, "for so-called money" such as sales target is often pointed out by the administration side, but does not establish sales aim in particular in Shibuya designers market. We keep "the making of free place" in mind when we want everybody to challenge new thing at ease than it.

Yokota: It was not natural as now that creators such as illustrators went to market for at first that we began Shibuya designers market. Not something like exhibition paying large amount of exhibition charges, we sell goods in free space and describe portrait and display work and……. There are few events to "be allowed to do what freely" in Tokyo and thinks whether it was new in those days.

Nitta: Therefore we feel when kana is always high in satisfaction of all of exhibitor. Probably is the reason "freeness of place?" Exhibiting popular jewelry writer has usually appeared in department stores, but says, "it was fun very much wants to appear after the end again" just a little while ago. We sold in free form without being tied to sales and seemed to have it was very fresh, and what could communicate with visitor feel.

Yokota: Where activity is done by INDEPENDENT is the center, but it already has the management and with many results is attracted by free atmosphere and may be exhibited. Does genre in particular say to participating writer that you should feel "culture" without limit, too? Going to extremes, we think, "anything is enough". It is variety and, including it, regards as freeness.

In place where creators meet, and new collaboration is born

Judging from the administration side, how do you catch charm of "Shibuya designers market?"

Sawaki: Exhibitors make friends and return, and it regularizes recently to go to rice with we administration teams and all the exhibitors after putting in order was over and. Some says, "you look forward to the rice party" from exhibition writer of regular customer, and exhibition meets new friend rather than purpose, and are you looking forward to communicating? Other markets do not have there; think that is attractive.

Exhibitor and flat relationship without wall of administration team are good.

Sawaki: Rather than exhibitor and administration team, is very flat at a little nearer distance; think whether can associate.

Yokota: It often occurs that writer and we make friends with visitor. Visitor who made friends participated in the last rice party (laugh).

Nitta: Writers confide trouble in rice society and may talk and. Trouble is settled together while, wow, we talk, and new collaboration may begin.

Yokota: While there is not sense like rival at all, and writers exchange information, we take in each other's good places flexibly.

Hattori: As writers working on interesting thing seriously seriously gather in this market, we meet such various places, and myself take big stimulation, too.

The secret to continue for a long time is generosity to free thing

Market which "enjoys freedom" which Yokota and Nitta played a key role and brought up. Will there be event and place that we aimed for?

Yokota: It is "Matsumoto craft fair" held in May every year in Matsumoto-shi, Nagano that we image. Anyway, expression to "be free" is good, and original scenery in two includes this. It and "Shimokitazawa cage" which we have closed regrettably the other day personally. In the case of setup, we were concerned, but here was very free place, too. After all culture does not root without free place in town. If there is freeness of place called the Shibuya cast, we think "Shibuya designers market" to be established.

Nitta: Okay, we think that event can continue simply because free atmosphere adjusts to air of place. When "Matsumoto craft fair" lasts 30 years and attended interview by work of iichi before, we had question "what is the secret continuing for 30 years?", but answer to "decide that we do not decide anything" actually return. When we do not establish rule daringly. We think that it will be reason that continued for a long time that made such a free air. We cannot readily make prolonged event in economic zone like Shibuya. Meanwhile, as for still having continuously that this event passed from start for two and a half years, Tokyu begins free market which we are going to do, and mitome metekureteirukarakosodato thinks for heart that various places concerned with the Shibuya cast are wide.

With the secret that thing that is tolerant of freeness can continue.

Yokota: Well. And it is big that Sawaki and Hattori entered. Originally we can thereby begin live that we wanted to do and. We want to challenge new attempt including dance and drama in future. In that way it is expanded a little while returning to the origin of "market enjoying freedom" even if we repeat the number of times, and there should be finally like festival.

Nitta: When it may be event to have writer relaxes shoulder most in "the Shibuya designers market" and participate while there is attractive event in various ways. According to the administration member, it is big at the time. Although understanding on the facility side is advantageous, we think that it will be exquisite member who can make fluffy free air of the place without unreasonableness.

Yokota: Well. We usually add pressure a little around once in half a year though it is free, loose atmosphere, and the recognition of writer wants to only do spreading event that strained itself in what we exhibited at a stretch.

Nitta: As for having to take in that it is new not to let you get tired while such a lenience and severity is necessary, and town and the world surely change more and more, absolute. But after all I have a feeling of that air of "Matsumoto craft fair" somehow in the root. If market so as to be continued for 30 years is done, as for it of one of street of Shibuya think that come to feature. And writer who opened a store in youth becomes uncle and, dozens of years later, appears aimlessly and says thing that is disagreeable saying it is saying "this resembles Allee" while seeing young work and…….

Yokota: Young person at the time becomes bothersome uncle and comes back (laugh).

Nitta: If there are the exchanges, "I appeared in old days" is the best (laugh). Tokyo wants therefore importance of continuing to notice various person at place where every thing does not really lead to.

Yokota: In the first place there is that there is little place itself that can spread out, and what we continue in city will get on commerce base.

Nitta: Therefore we think that we do not follow when it is not the Shibuya cast. As although there is town called Shibuya, we think that commercial "smell" is limitlessly few very rare facilities.

Sawaki: Not only writer and visitor but also the administration side continues always trying new thing fearlessly to continue for a long time and wants to make team which what kind of change can enjoy.

Hattori: "Shibuya designers market" which can feel relieved while repeating change if we come here thinks that it should be in "place to stay where we want to come back" to of writer and visitor.

Nitta: We want to think about method that we can continue for a long time in various form while going through free stance regardless of the inside and outside of team because this market becomes icon of town of Shibuya, and it is in familiar scenery.

New experiment to spread from market

We are derived from market, and live and workshop, wide activity including collaboration with company are developed recently. You know letter in the Shibuya casts on Sunday on forthcoming Saturday, November 16, 17th, and touch letter and is held the cause of Camp plan administration festival "moji Fes." enjoying letter.

Yokota: We plan contents embodying in thought of them to "want to tell not only creator but also general various places at event that memorialized the 25th anniversary of Fontworks which is the 15th anniversary of Chikushi style of handwriting, the maker in the world where it is deep and is fun of letter and font". There are many experimental attempts, but is charenjingu in various ways as there is the soil accepting it in the Shibuya casts; is able to plan!

Hattori: It is "GAP recitation" which contents of story turn into with my best recommended ha, Nuance of letter completely. When fearful letter is projected on the back though we read story pleasant at a glance, it is slightly strange recitation to enjoy contents of story and GAP of impression of letter.

Sawaki: "Font market" where work which featured the theme of letter is displayed at is one of the highlight. I hand only title, "please to make work under the theme of letter" toward the exhibitor, and on the day letter work made for this day is all present. Besides, it is full of contents that both display and workshop, craft beer, adult including foods and child can enjoy together.

Nitta: There was number, but, in Fontworks, event for general people has not done project for professional designers until now. Meanwhile, we saw our activity that we continued trying "what kind of communication does cause in the place called event?" and had you call this time.

Yokota: Oh, yes. In fact, representative of Fontworks often comes to "Shibuya designers market" to play. There is such a connection and of course, in the experimental Shibuya casts tolerant for trial, is glad of being able to let you do challenge that is new for all the people to be concerned with for us above all.