CAST People#12_ Shibuya and people who make town from share office
For set intellect of creator, we hone individuality of Shibuya

co-lab SHIBUYA CAST. Manager of Chiaki Sato community
Mari Ijuin Uchida Yurika komyunitifashiriteta

Share office "co-lab SHIBUYA CAST." for exclusive use of creator entering 1.2 floor of SHIBUYA CAST. We carry engine position contributing to town by the creative as place embodying in concept of SHIBUYA CAST. called "creation base where creator comes and goes".
Pioneer of Japanese share offices which brought about creative COMMUNITY that co-lab which creators of new business gathered, and started as interchange, place that worked while cooperating in 2003 was of high quality.
We dealt with the making of concept of facility and design direction of building while participating in SHIBUYA CAST. from stage of plan development competition, and making collaboration with creator concerned with co-lab. We are engaged in area management plan around the facility while we run "co-lab SHIBUYA CAST." after the opening of business and make form of new share office traveling side by side with town planning of Shibuya.
This is the first time that co-lab works on activation of town in earnest. With creator, we thought that there was the creative in town, and by having practiced, what kind of change would be born in town of Shibuya? We heard story from Chiaki Sato of manager of community, Mari Ijuin of komyunitifashiriteta, Uchida Yurika.


There is that creator can do it in the town of Shibuya still more

In "co-lab", 4 bases are deployed to Tokyo, but please tell characteristic of "co-lab SHIBUYA CAST.".

Sato: Theme of "co-lab SHIBUYA CAST." which started as the core of creative activity of SHIBUYA CAST. "producing new work." There are many producer and director of the creative business, advanced people of the field of IT and gathers and makes use of individuality and location of town called Shibuya whom various business accumulates, and there is thought to want to bring about new job by collaboration between members.

What kind of people is "co-lab SHIBUYA CAST." used by?

Sato: Member nearly 200 comes now, but, other than creator specializing in design and picture, building, there is more digital system than other bases. Including people treating the advanced field including AI and robot, it features place where there are many overseas companies including Canadian company dealing with digital art and British company designing lighting. For good individuality and location of Shibuya, we choose everybody here.

When you heard story from Haruaki Tanaka of representative before the SHIBUYA CAST. opening of business, you said saying it "was the heart's desire share office became base of area, and to contribute to activation of town". One of the themes of "co-lab SHIBUYA CAST." included that we made form of new share office which traveled side by side with town planning, how has this part been embodied?

Sato: We supported area management activities that SHIBUYA CAST. performed as approach to activate the town of Shibuya and planned event that contributed to town by the creative. There are many events that were realized by having you participate in creator in co-lab.
We think that there has been no that share office does area management event too much, but there may be characteristic of "co-lab SHIBUYA CAST.". It is connected in getting thing and new stimulation to open place of achievement for member to make use of internal COMMUNITY outside and thinks that it is said for internal COMMUNITY and do not influence.

Originally we ran "co-lab SHIBUYA CAST. preparations room" only in five years and transferred to this neighborhood with the opening of business of SHIBUYA CAST. We run business, and nearly three years pass, is there change to feel while we put the body in the spot every day?

Sato: SHIBUYA CAST. felt high expectation for co-lab of Tokyu from the first in building individual newly called "creator tameno compound facility". SHIBUYA CAST. is the first time that co-lab works on area management activities and it was state of feel first, but we gradually open their view through activity and realize how existence of creator is important for Shibuya. There is that we can do it more.

As eriamanejimento activity, what kind of event would you hold until now?

Sato: We performed event that tied interchange type entertainment exhibition "SHIBUYA CREATIST PARK" and creator borrowed power of creator including "public circus" free, to serve own skill and thing which we made from visitors, and provided quality of Shibuya on the front while sensing "the Shibuya" whom foreign country imagined bodily.
Meanwhile, "Shibuya waits, and it is event for children called play" that was conscious of "people living in town in Shibuya" in particular. Medium- and high-levels consistency school and international school, a lot of school facilities such as nursery school planned the SHIBUYA CAST. outskirts from thought to "want to let children do creative prototypical experience in Shibuya".
We thought that there was the creative in town for three years and practiced and by having worked in town of Shibuya when we gathered which approved of that, came to strongly feel, "oneself may do in Shibuya". It becomes motivation performing area management activities.

Shibuya waits; state of play

How is reaction of various places of street?

Sato: A feeling of expectation is very high and often has you say, "please tell by all means next time" when we go to distribute flyer of event to school in the neighborhood facility. You begin in place thought, "it will be that building, what", and understanding deepens by calling with various plans, and you think, "it is place that oneself may perform", and please come to actually go to visit.
My friend family lives near here, but he/she participates in Bon festival dance meeting doing in SHIBUYA CAST. every year and has you invite adversely saying it is saying "we do not go this year" (laugh) and. Place called SHIBUYA CAST. spreads among towns little by little and feels that we have you add to a part of sphere of life of various places of town.

Does "co-lab SHIBUYA CAST." have many creators interested in area management activities?

Sato: We think that there are characters for each share office, but creator of co-lab is interested in "there being the creative in society essentially" and is impression that it is honest, and there is more. Of Shibuya is close to the station, and do not choose in superficial part to be beautiful, and as feel, is easy to be familiar when have enter COMMUNITY, and can talk about sympathy for the same sense of values in posture of co-lab.

Ijuin: Even if this does not explain as there are many members who have done administrative work and job of Shibuya, he/she knows what kind of development is just advancing in Shibuya.

Uchida: Originally a lot of members made local action in hometown hear story "that we expand activity, and even Shibuya wants to do" well. Connection with people and town is conscious of, and, rather than business complete devotion, it is more a lot. In addition, will everybody be interested in creator who is interested in "co-lab SHIBUYA CAST.", and comes for visit very much when we talk about area management activities?

Sato: Event for people of town is held at other bases of co-lab including Daikanyama and Futakotamagawa, but it is here Shibuya that does on the largest scale. As co-lab does not run share office as real estate lease business and started the making of COMMUNITY and the making of space from place exploring form of new building which fused, we think that our posture fitted approach of SHIBUYA CAST. well.

Place where natural communication not to fall into model is made

komyunitifashiriteta is resident, and place making various devices to activate internal COMMUNITY is characteristic of co-lab. It produces interchange between members, and may you devise to lead to collaboration?

Uchida: In casual exchange meeting going to once a month, we are conscious of making place where nature and communication are born. As for snow cone, the winter, prepare by menu which put together in season including oden, and have ask next cafe "Are", and make sweets in the summer, and of tea drank, and compared, and have done fair and rum-limited bar. As even one wants you to participate in many people, we change time and contents to suit the occasion.

Ijuin: We often eat rice with member together in joint ownership kitchen, but hear the thing which sometimes wants to eat in exchange meeting and time when it is easy to gather directly. It seems to be casual "are the next exchange meeting, what kind of feeling good?" and talks.

It is in hodoyoi sense of distance that silly conversation can exchange with memba.

Sato: As it is theme as expected of the name called "co-lab" that makes collaboration inside, member wants to be relation to be flat, and to do respect rather than customer, and to toss. Therefore that there is conversation to be that "year-end party, quiz and bingo whichever next have good" commonly (laugh).

Ijuin: We always mention new thing and we are taught and it is that "TV sees what when it is this generation" adversely or may be asked whether it is saying "these are just popular" as it is a lot.

Ijuin and Uchida begin to work, and it seems to do not reach one year, may you still mind in contacting with member as komyunitifashiriteta?

Ijuin: As there is not model that there must be in this way, we are catching art while seeing how the senior staff contacts.

Sato: As we think that it is not to be taught natural communication, and to be able to do it, fashiriteta of co-lab prevents you from making model that there should be in this way. We think about what is necessary by oneself and it is practical and can do really necessary thing.

Uchida: In "co-lab SHIBUYA CAST.", member registered for a long time who knows farther than us co-lab well comes. When we want to order something, he/she minds here, and saying that it is saying "it is good as it becomes tough" be. Though it is casual relations, we think that what this does not depend on too much is important.

Ijuin: While we leave our seat, member having a long co-lab career may tell new member how to use this facility. It is atmosphere that everybody is warm, and is welcome.

Sato: As all the members who entered "co-lab SHIBUYA CAST. preparations room" which we established only in five years moved here together, what was able to start in state that already warmed is big. The various places reason as "thought whether atmosphere changes when change, but people do not change, can do place with similar atmosphere. Saying this was new discovery. We felt what people prepared place into to be great.

Innovation to be born from share office where company and administration pay attention to

The shin showy in performing "presentation fair" that memba introduces own work to bimonthly in co-lab Nara.

Sato: Well. We have you go on the platform toward four or five every time in presentation society, but collaboration chooses various places of type of industry that seems to be born when we choose person of going on the platform. We usually think that there is not readily opportunity when other members hear what kind of work it is done slowly and carefully, but new movement "that this will do" immediately comes out when we can hear job contents each other.

What kind of collaboration is made at true verge between members?

Sato: There are already various kinds of that.

Ijuin: That we had you introduce guest of workshop of event to member or asked member who was specialized in casting for casting of video shooting when we said with small thing. Members often make arrangements in co-lab.

Sato: As Web and photograph, illustration and people of genre with high affinity including graphic gather, collaboration in job is daily life not special thing anymore. We see figure working on production projects of web site between members well. As well as that, picture creator may say, for example, that we have you help with work toward the same picture relations when there is not surplus energy.

In collaboration between memba, please tell if there are any particularly big examples.

Sato: At base of Daikanyama, members of the same type of industry met, and company has been made, but new company where real estate company and tech company which there was developed real estate management system in cloud technology and AI technology was established by capital originally same in Shibuya. It is the biggest collaboration in these 3 years to make company.
Originally we performed direction of material making and building design for competition while our participating from plan development competition of SHIBUYA CAST., and having creator concerned with co-lab support. It is the biggest to have made this facility for collaboration, and, in thing more than that being born, it seems to be earlier still more.

co-lab laid emphasis on solving problem of outside client for set intellect of co-lab member, after the opening of business of "co-lab SHIBUYA CAST.", was there change in relation with outside client?

Sato: It had you be interested in aggregate called co-lab, and it increased after the opening of business of "co-lab SHIBUYA CAST." more to have company call when it wanted to make up for insufficient resource in-house in co-lab. Music relations, maker, a lot of big companies such as real estate seem to arrest co-lab with "box that answer comes back when we throw in problem".
Scale of company grows big in comparison with the past, too and comes to have consultation from the local local government. We are concerned with area management activities of Shibuya and bring about output in sequence and think that what activity was sent to outside affects.

Expectation to set intellect of creator called co-lab has been increasing more and more. What kind of evolution will "co-lab SHIBUYA CAST." accomplish from now on in the town of Shibuya?

Sato: Share office increased to Shibuya, but characteristic of co-lab is continuing having consistent thought to "want to make society better by power of creator".
If we give social status of creator and can exert presence of creator in the town of Shibuya, we think that we may polish individuality of Shibuya standing out in the world more. The situation that activity and movement improving individuality of such a town are happening among Shibuya a lot now is interesting very much.
We add to force not to be unknown in that and by investing by the creative in the future, want to open place of activity of creator. And, in cooperation with various aggregate including outside creator and share office which are active in Shibuya, we want to heap up the whole town of Shibuya.