At night 3 contiguous talks to tie Shibuya and world creator
"Shibuya creative talk"

Continuation talk event "Shibuya creative talk" to tie creator who played an active part and world creator to pivot leg in Shibuya that the creative was brought about every day consecutively was held 3 at night from July 1, 2020.

Now when movement to home and abroad is limited under the influence of new coronavirus. We jumped out of Shibuya for underhand in such situation decisively, and opportunity to interchange with creator who played an active part in advanced Denmark in the field of design and sustainability was born.

We had regarding as important talk about thing, company and various topics including relationship of sustainability doing from original viewpoint in way of thinking for carrier and client work, the original process while being introduced to the latest project that each was concerned with in various places of guest speaker.
It was event that sympathy stimulated even if we went over the sea and tossed simply because it was situation where both speaker and participant were opposite to the creative every day in the same way.
By this report, we send design of particularly impressive talk in that.

DAY1 "work abroad! From Shibuya and the creative spot of Denmark"
・Miki Morita (moritamiki)/MOK Architects architect
・Tomonori Makita (makitatomonori)/environment facilities engineer site
・*matsurigoto (Ciao then)/Investor, asobu co-founder
・Representative from Aya Okamura (okamuraaya)/ayanomimi

The first night theme "way of working and work place." We invite * of investors running COMMUNITY supporting creator in Morita to act on guest as architect with Copenhagen, Makita, Japan of environmental facilities engineer, We heard story about overseas way of working, difference between project and Japan and way of thinking that everybody worked on.

The first talk is Morita. We say that Morita who experienced intern of local Blanding agency "Kontrapunkt" was stimulated by way of thinking for design while learning architecture in Danish graduate school.
In "Kontrapunkt, PM and designer, strategist, all the researchers gather for meeting of client and discuss "what should I do to make thing which is really handed down?" from each viewpoint. As well as contents of design, we learned importance of thinking from frame and process"

caption: Pavilion which Morita designed for art festival. It was major in Japan, but it was apt to be thrown away immediately in Denmark, and, using thinnings, small thing had value and expressed what beautiful thing could make if we gathered.

Makita living in Copenhagen successively. Makita who is "Engineer environment facilities" who designs "comfort" of space not to see to eyes from temperature and wind, humidity of air, various points of view including evaporation heat, We mentioned how "climate change" attracted attention in the business scene.
"Climate change" "becomes extremely important theme in co-working space "BLOX" entering and is developed related workshop and lecture a lot. However, not exaggerated thing, "we cook rocket", we already connect various techniques in the world how, or does that let you do collaboration? We feel that we have a strong consciousness very"

caption: Project "Paper island" where Makita works on with Kengo Kuma of architect. In new hydrophilic facility taking on the canal of Copenhagen, Makita is thinking about sustainable technique to drain into the sea after reusing realization method and heat of sunlight to come in like sunshine filtering through foliage which dark circles are good at many times.

* running COMMUNITY "asobu" where the last speaker supports game creators while working for venture capital. It was * which experienced various workplaces in global so far including foreign-affiliated investment bank and consulting company, but recited as follows about turning point of carrier.
"Feel charm for the way of job of creative person while you are concerned with item with previous job approximately five years ago. Though it was not creative human being, oneself came to want to support such a person and it was driven by oneself and decided to launch "asobu"

caption: State in COMMUNITY "asobu" which * runs. We aim at making occupation called "game creator" a higher-level one while supporting creators making game with one and a small number of people called "indie game creator" in main.

DAY2 "move society! Design strategy firm which has base in the world"
・Emil Andreas Bruun Sørensen (Emil Sorensen)/Kontrapunkt (kontorapunkuto) brand strategist
・Representative of Hector Noval (Hector no Val)/Designit (design knit) Tokyo branch office
・Kotaro Watanabe (we asked for innards hot pot)/Takram partner context designer
・Ryo Sanpei (sampeiryo)/Members Co., Ltd. LX group UX MILK producer

The second member working at global design firm having plural bases in the world at night is the concentration. How do company and they fix their eyes on the future? We had you talk based on example of various projects whether you bet approach on society.

caption: The second night member. It is Sanpei, Hector, Watanabe, Emil clockwise from the left top.

In crosstalk of the final stage "sustainability" on theme of discussion. It depends on Sanpei of moderator, Member answered question "how will sustainability influence image of brand in future?".

Emil "think sustainability to become of "property value" for company. There not being meaning when important one does not put into action by all means. All companies should be conscious of sustainability. In addition, we think that, anyway, that acting at level of "individual" is the most important about sustainability personally

caption: Danish marine "oersted" that Kontrapunkt worked on rib landing of wind-generated electricity giant. It was chosen as the first place in "100 companies which were the sustainable in the world" of 2020 ranking.

Watanabe when "think, approach (the use of compost, control of quantity of tree to fell) of the Edo Shogunate may be referred to for sustainability. We do that by outcome of having considered that the Shogunate can perform economic activities after the next fiscal year continuously.
Recycling society caught decision making of the Shogunate as one range from personal approach. When they think about the modern society, we are individuals, but even company and industry want to have the person concerned awareness at various levels. We are preparing structure as company where we can be concerned with by such an item positively now in Takram"

caption: Yusuke Watanabe, Miho Tanaka of cocoroe which was member of co-lab Futakotamagawa summarized state of the day in wonderful visual note.

DAY3 "make the future! Research power of the highest technology and creator"
・Representative from Takeshi Ishiguro (burn Ishiguro and do)/Takeshi Ishiguro Creative Lab
・Brian Lund Lauridsen (Brian rundo rouriddosen)/Set Snail (set shin yl) Creative Director
・Gregor Finger (Gregor finger)/Bakken & Bæck (toe binding and Beck) XR Specialist
・Alice Shaughnessy (Alice shoneshi)/FIELD (field) Producer
・Odajima Alex Taisuke (odajimaarekkusutaisuke)/EDGEof Innovation CEO

Creators who made full use of the highest technology including VR and AR in the third night that became the last, and worked went on the platform.
Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity when Brian and Alice and others participating in latest project "Everyday Experiments" where innovation laboratory "SPACE10" of IKEA works on including Ishiguro that work is stored in MoMA of FIELD developing neo-futuristic visual to Gregor a lot gather. Under the theme of research power to support backside and that of manufacturing, we had you talk each.

caption: It is Alice, Odajima, Ishiguro, Brian, Gregor in the clock circumference from the left top.

In crosstalk of the final stage, Odajima of moderator asked "does everybody want experient of work to have what kind of feelings?" and all the members.

Alice to often work on complicated project using the highest digital technology seems to regard as important whether the approach is understood by people.
It "is core part of our activity that visualizes invisible thing. After all, we are worried whether that is accepted how people react for visualized thing"

caption: It is said that any project is always aware of securing quality of visual in FIELD where Alice belongs to.

On the other hand, we say that Ishiguro that it is often found to send manufacturing to physical wants to be particular whether you can create "senses that there is not for words".
"We are glad of time when that took place at moment when smell and atmosphere, something like appearance give movement in heart than impressing directly indirectly most. We want to regard sense that such words do not have as important"

caption: Production scenery of Ishiguro. In the design of new teapot introduced as example, make 100 or more prototypes, and earnestly of tea drank, and seemed to compete.

In addition, what, "at first, we made without taking too seriously" said that it was important above all, "at first, to thrill oneself before pleasing all", and Brian asked about advice on continuing fictionization gathered sympathy of all the members.

caption: Brian who has worked as art director before. It is said that it became motivation launching Set Snail to have noticed fun of project with sense of fun than design-like thing in the process.

"Shibuya creative talk" that became the first attempt for SHIBUYA CAST. called at night 3 contiguous online events. Although members who varied in pride domain gathered, there were many topics that sympathized each other including thing that we built and wanted to realize by way of thinking, the creative to and sustainability of carrier, and, let alone base, it was at three days when a comfortable sense of unity was bred.
Outbreak of infectious disease and the present when it is shaken worldwide by climate change that we have been considered to be commonplace so far. Expectation increases for future approach what kind of future creator whom we heard story from this time describes from here while society and a person's consciousness greatly change.