Person tohokkorisuru "WINTER CAST.2019" which goes to nagaikotatsude, town

The December, Christmas and town people who go where it looks like heart was cheered up by the year-end mood which teacher runs. In town where there is such an elation, shop and facility show the clothing only by this season, too.
Even SHIBUYA CAST. held annual winter special event "WINTER CAST.".

Concept of this year "MARKET PLAYCE." We spend "we play PLAY =" on the word PLACE and play aimlessly around market on main of event and December 14 and 15 when it was and offer experience that can spend time loosely.
We made place that had as people who went to town shared a winter time, said 1st slightly, and thing feel.

Of course, it is nagaikotatsu that, at first, get a lot of looks. Tall and stout kotatsu for about 20m overwhelms streets from entrance of GARDEN to the grand staircase, and person going to town is breathed in.
Near kotatsu like high table, chairs of every height form a line, and we warm, and person varies, too. We can be wrapped up in futon to shoulder completely when we sit down on the lowest chair. In addition, there was peephole on top plate and futon to pretty good device and spent favorite time when children who crawled into kotatsu were.

Some people running brush eagerly something or other in corner of kotatsu. We choose favorite Christmas card and are space that we can write freely.
Only as for the cute thing that print studio "Egg Press" of letter press of Portland dealt with cards which formed a line in desk. It was wide card of the margin, but spelled thought to spend everybody time, and to be piled up unexpectedly.

Market and live are deployed to the circumference of kotatsu, too and enjoy music and stuff our mouth with food and. Or we play card game that we brought and work hard at work intensely and.
While each person spent time, as for the state that surrounded long kotatsu together, mysterious scene with loose connection spread.

When go to visit SPACE, stylish clothes, clothes, clothes.
Shop staff and creators of cat street each brought selected article, and garage sale was carried out.
Who is easy for when a feeling of person from branch air as individuality and senses jostle each other each and are tense a little which passes to 20 sets talks once. There was person top that bloom bloomed in conversation and reduced the price.

Day begins to go down when we return to GARDEN, and kotatsu is redecorated toward the lawn. For the cinema screening society to begin at night, we line up to surround big screen. Small hut comes up besides such a lawn space. When look; small older sister (!) But, he/she hands popcorn, and wakuwaku before the screening increases.

The screening work ": impossible mission" (14th) and "grand Budapest hotel" (15th).
Young; people who cut, and do, and forget cold, and are glued to unprecedented action by Tom Cruise and slapstick drama of unreliable hotel boy gather. Some sense of unity was born when we entered kotatsu and enjoyed a time of movie so that many people surrounded between tea.

On 22nd, 21 of the next week, SHIBUYA DESIGNERS MARKET is held.
Student of hiko, mizuno jewelry college in neighborhood of SHIBUYA CAST. opens a store this time, too. We developed 1 brand, and new item accessories made for this day lined per person.
With Christmas close at hand, familiar creator raised unique items, and way looked interested in people who went in meeting point with various designs.

SHIBUYA CAST. in this winter when scene that people of town which might have always passed each other from person who lived here to person who came to play by chance enjoyed time together spread.
As for the GARDEN which could spend heart and soul leisurely in the town of Shibuya that overflowed for entertainment, it might have been in Shibuya ichi hokkoridekiru place.