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2020.5.20 SHOP

Under SHIBUYA CAST. restaurant takeout menu sale

We are doing takeout menu during sale at eating and drinking store of SHIBUYA CAST.
We will introduce menu which you can take home in each shop.
※Conduct store and menu contents may be changed.
※Please ask each shop about menu and business hours.

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▼Åre [ore | CAFE]

Butter chicken curry (vegetables topping +100 yen -, rice large serving +\100 Japanese yen -) 650 yen
gapaoraisu 650 yen
Creamy Penne gratin 650 yen
Of a good vegetables of yoyonamu toss crunch-crunch; noodles 1,300 yen
Mini-salad 200 yen
Mini-soup 180 yen

Graham scone one 180 yen
Gateau chocolate 450 yen
Cheesecake 500 yen
Chocolate chip cookie 200 yen

Drip coffee (ice hot) 350 yen
Earl Grey (ice hot) 400 yen
Roasted tea latte (ice hot) 500 yen
Ice latte 450 yen
Hot latte 400 yen
Snowy mountains melon soda 680 yen

■Advance reservations
TEL: 03-6343-1129 (11:30-18:00)

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[PASTA] Arrabiata [with salad] 1,100 yen
[PASTA] Salmon and Gorgonzola cream [with salad] 1,200 yen
[PASTA] peperonchini [with salad] of whelk and green shiso 1,200 yen
[PASTA] Genoa wind [with salad] of shrimp 1,200 yen
[PASTA] Bolognese [with salad] of Sendai Japanese black beef 1,250 yen
[PASTA] Tomato sauce [with salad] of Japanese blue crab 1,300 yen

[MEAT] Ribulose steak bowl (200 g) [with salad] 1,450 yen
[MEAT] Luxury Japanese black beef steak bowl (150 g) [with salad]! 2,000 yen
[MEAT] Pork steak bowl [with salad] 1,100 yen
[MEAT] Hamburg [with salad] of wheat black cattle 1,200 yen

<PIZZA - Naples pizza [10 inches]>
[PIZZA] Margherita - standard tomato and mozzarella cheese [with salad]! 1,300 yen
[PIZZA] Meat pizza [with salad] of Deer bora- butcher shop 1,350 yen
[PIZZA] Cheese [with salad] of kuatoroforumajjo -4 kinds 1,400 yen

[SALAD] Grill fish salad 1,100 yen
[SALAD] Roast beef salad 1,200 yen

<appetizer and snacks of MEAT APPETIZER - butcher shop>
[APPETIZER] It is appetizer assortment medium size 1,800 yen of butcher shop recommendation
[APPETIZER] It is appetizer assortment large size 2,500 yen of butcher shop recommendation
[APPETIZER] Homemade roast beef [pack] 800 yen
[APPETIZER] Homemade roast pork [pack] 700 yen
[APPETIZER] Spicy chicken wing ten 650 yen
[APPETIZER] Three boiling sausage [pack] 700 yen
[APPETIZER] One confit [pack] of chicken leg 650 yen

<with pasta sauce and noodles of specialty pasta which packed PASTA KIT - fresh one in pack with set>
※Please choose noodles of pasta you like.
①Sticky inside large Linguine [fresh pasta] FRESH PASTA
②Discerning tamma company, spaghetti [dried noodles pasta] SPAGHETTI
[PASTA SAUCE] arrabiata 600 yen
[PASTA SAUCE] salmon and Gorgonzola cream 900 yen
[PASTA SAUCE] peperonchini 900 yen of whelk and green shiso
[PASTA SAUCE] Genoa-style 900 yen of shrimp
[PASTA SAUCE] tomato sauce 900 yen of Japanese blue crab
[PASTA SAUCE] Bolognese 850 yen of Sendai Japanese black beef

[WINES] Rigoletto house bottled wine various 2,500 yen
[WINE+FOOD SET] wine + appetizer + pasta set [product for two people] 4,000 yen

■Advance reservations
TEL: 03-6631-1129 (10:30-19:30)

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▼CITY SHOP [city shop | Salad & Delicatessen]

Complete salad BOX 864 yen
Detox salad BOX 864 yen
Protein salad BOX 864 yen
CUSTOM GREEN &2DELI PLATE 1,512 yen ... ※Price changes by deli which we chose
5DELI PLATE 1,728 yen ... ※Price changes by deli which we chose
bejibaga 1,296 yen
bejikatsuretsubaga 1,404 yen
Butter milk chickenburger salad set 1,458 yen

■Advance reservations
TEL: 03-5778-9232 (11:00-18:00)
※Prior order for delivery takeout & settlement is possible than takeout application "menu", too.